• Can I just say damn, my gf @Abby.22 is the fucking best! Like holy shit! She typed out this whole long message for me last night and it's to good not to share. So ignore the few typos that there might be because she wrote this and 2:30 am.
    "My Malachi. MY Malachi. Baby I can’t sleep. I keep tossing and turning praying that maybe in one position I’ll almosy imagine you holding me. I’ll be honest with you. I’ve been staring at one pic of you for probably an hour now. alt text and I know you’ll never believe me when I say this. You’ll try to argue because you don’t not see what I see. But baby your the most handsome man I have ever laid my eyes on. I am truly blessed to have you. I can’t imagine where I’d be without you. Without meeting you. I am so happy I randomly found this site one day because I was bored. I’m so happy you somehow found me on here and sent me a friend request. I still remember it like it was yesterday. You trusted me so easily with your story. Your past. Your history. You trusted me. And that hit me hard. I never told you this but when you told me what happened, well when you first mentioned it, I was outside roasting marshmellows and hotdogs. I was out here with my family. You sent that one comment. That one little comment that changed everything. It made me instantly feel amazing because of how much you trusted me. How much you easily told me that. How it just slid off your lips like it were just another sentence. I’ll be honest I choked on my Marshmellow. Moma asked if I was ok I had to lie and say I was feeling sick. So I went into the bathroom and I cried. I cried so hard because someone as amazing as you went through something as tough as that. Someone with such a beautiful souls had to endure almost living hell. You never deserved any of it. Malachi from the moment you told me that I was certain I was doomed with you. I had just added you probably the day before. I was not looking for a relationship and you was really cute so my first thought “hmm let me add this cute guy and find out why he would talk to a freak like me” but baby. You blew my mind in ways I could have never imagined. You made me see the world from a whole new perspective. And yes. My instincts were telling me ABORT YOUR GUNNA GET FEELINGS ABORT but my heart was gently whispering hes just what your looking for... I was so stressed out the first couple of days we started talking. I was so scared, happy, upset, concerned, worried, and mad all at once. All those emotions clouded my head so that I almost couldn’t see or think! I was so confused on what I wanted. On what I needed then I when I seen you ask me out my heart fell. How could I do this? How could I make us work? How could I keep you a secret? How could I keep my emotions contained? As my mind kept babbling about all these questions I looked back at my screen and it was already too late. My heart had decided for me. I typed “yes!” And it was then I knew I fucked up. I would fall helplessly in love with an online guy. My parents would kill meh. But you know what? I didnt care. All I cared about was us. I cared about how and whatI could do to make us work. I told you from the begining and I meant it when I said through thick and thin. Malachi you have been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m not ashamed to say I love you. I’m not ashamed to call you mine. IM DAMN PROUD I HAVE THAT HONOR! Malachi I would give anything to be next to you right now. To hold you. To pull you close. To talk about everything. From the I love yous to something like weird conspiracy theorys. I just wanna be there with you. So I can help you through any struggle. Help you through any fall. Anything that could harm you id take the pain for you. I mean it when I tell you baby I love you. I don’t say it often. I only say it to those who I mean it to. I regret every other guy I’ve told it to but baby I would never take away any I love you I’ve told you. I mean everything I say. Everything I do. Everything I wanna do. I mean it all. I would not change a single thing about us. Except for distance. Malachi it kills me knowing your that close but still that far away. Close enough to make me know your real but far enough for me to not be able to hold you. Not be able to breath the air you breath. It sucks. And it hurts every night. I read somewhere that you actually can be love sick. When your missing your partner so much you can’t sleep or you can’t eat or your always tired. Baby I think you got me love sick. Love sick to the point where I don’t wanna sleep until I feel you. Which really sucks because I fall asleep hugging my bear instead of you. But anyway. To the point where all I wanna do is be online and talking with you. You take up my life and I’m so happy you do! I can’t wait until we can actually be together in person. I wanna hold you and never let you go. Make sure you never have to sleep another night alone. Make sure you always have someone to hug when you need it. Make sure you have someone to kiss you when you want it. I wanna do everything in the world for you and with you. I wanna make you the
    happiest man alive. (Which is prob gunna be hard cause eh look at meh)I wanna make sure that your past doesn’t affect your future. Make sure you succeed in everything you try to do. Make sure your goals are achieved. Make sure I have done my best for you! I want to only make you happy! And I’m so sorry if I’ve ever done anything to upset you. I really don’t mean to I might be hard to handle or understand at times but I need you to know how much I love you. I would do anything for you. ANYTHING. Malachi your my one and only. You got me so love sick all other men disgust me. I can’t look at them because when I do all I see is just ew because you are what I want. I don’t want anyone else. Never. I only want you. I want you and all of you. Your good days and your bad days. The happy times and the sad times. I want everything and I know it sounds greedy but baby your the only thing I don’t wanna share. I want all of you to me. And tbh I’m such a jealous person. Like your mom? I’m jealous
    of her because she gets to see you every day. She gets to be near you everyday. She gets to be in the same house as you every day. It kills me because someone is always so close to you but it’s not me. I wish I was just there. Even if I was like not allowed to touch you but I could be near you it would be alright for a little while. Baby I just wanna be near you. I wish so bad that I was there or you was here. I really do. It’s my every wish. And I know most people here think I’m crazy because I’m taking with a guy online (most people don’t know about us tho) but they think it’s insane because there are so many things that could go wrong! Like cheating. You know what I tell them to that? If they say that I’m like “well if you make them happy and trust them they won’t cheat” they what if they say ‘well they could be complete liers’ you know what I say then? Well I’d rather believe someone who has never lied to me before then someone who lies to my face every day. I’d take that any day.
    Baby your worth every risk. Every thing and anything that could happen your worth it. The only thing as I said before is distance. Malachi. I got so lucky finding you. I know you won’t agree or your gunna say sum cute like “no it’s the other way around” but baby I’m not kidding when I say I was so lucky! Like it’s gotten to the point where when I was younger if someone asked me if I wanted to go back In time and change my mistakes I would say yes. But now I would not touch a single thing in my past. Not one. You know why? Because every little tiny detail led me to you. Led me to the man of my dreams. To the man I wanna spend every second of every day with. And Malachi what I guess I’m trying to say is that I love you so damn much! And staring at a picture sucksbut baby I’ll do anything to wait on you. On us. I would do anything. And I know I probably sound horrible because I’m half asleep typing this but idec I guess it’s the best time to type this because I’m not thinking. I’m not thinking: well maybe I should be romantic? Well maybe I should stop because I’m blowing up his phone? Well maybe I should not text so much because I seem needy? It all doesn’t matter to me rn. All I wanna do rn is try my ass of to describe what you mean to me but I’m failing so miserably because everything I’ve said previously has not even cracked the surface of how much I love you. Or how much I need you. Or how much I care about you. Or what you mean to me. You mean so much. So damn much it’s literally crazy. Because of course my mind hates me. My mind is always like :well what if he doesn’t feel the same? What if he is just using you as an ‘online girl’ but that’s when I just tell my mind to shut the fuck up because I know you. I know you would never hurt me. I know you would never use me. I know you would never ever do anything to upset me. And it just makes me love you more. It makes me fall harder and harder for you every single day. It makes me completely head over heels for you
    and I’m not ashamed to say I FUCKING LOVE MALACHI DAVID SPIVEY! And when you wake up and see all these message your prob gunna be like.... is she fookin drunk? And baby yes. I’m drunk on your love. I get this way when I can’t sleep. But I usually don’t get on my phone but this time I let myself because Malachi I need you to know! Even though I can never fully explain it all. Malachi please don’t ever leave me. I need you like I need air. I need you like my body needs food and water. I need you. I can’t stress it enough. I NEED YOU! I know I sound like a weirdo and I apologize but I’m not sorry for loving you. I love you so god damn much and I wish this foxy bear was you. I wish I could hold you rn and just explain all of this in person. Whisper it all to you in your ear as you fall asleep. So that you fall asleep listening to all the good things you are so that maybe your mind will let you rest well knowing how much I love you. Oof it’s 2:19 am but there’s still so much to explain!"

    I doubt you’ll read all these texts and assume ya gf is crazy😂 it’s kkie because I am but baby I just need you to know I love you. I guess ima try to sleep some more and stahp blowing up your phone. Your prob gunna be reading for a solid hour😂🖤 I love you so much Malachi I hope you get some rest and have some sweet dreams. Goodnight 😚🖤"
    Like y'all Idek how to respond to that.

  • @boots22 damnit now everyone is gunna know how much of a weirdo I am😂

  • @abby-22 wtf? I almost downvoted you for how much you just lied in that sentence. Lies lies lies

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    @boots22 i fell asleep twice...
    I cannot lie. But otherwise, this uber uber long message is epic.
    Where is mine Abby?

  • @boots22 your girlfriend cat hooman is a weirdo😂

  • @willow I makes chu then when your upset remember

  • @abby-22 fine. You is my weirdo.

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    @abby-22 said in Can I just have a moment please?:

    @willow I makes chu then when your upset remember

    I just decided
    Im upset
    Why you might ask?
    Well i have a list of reasons I an be sad

    1. I am all out of caprisuns
    2. Im single and sexually frustrated
    3. I have recently lost my last dog to its real owner and im pretty pissed because i wuved him.

  • @boots22 yus🖤

  • @willow oof so chu needs one? 😂

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    @abby-22 said in Can I just have a moment please?:

    @willow oof so chu needs one? 😂

    Yes I do
    And it needs to have the word “epic”
    Please and thank you

  • @willow I’ll do it tonight so you wake up to it so tomorrow starts off good okie

  • This is a miracle!!!

    Its a picture of @BOOTS22 without a Hat or a Cap or a Wig!!

    alt text

    All hail @Abby-22 for making this happen!

  • @obviouslylucifer Dude.... I've never worn a wig...

  • Her fingers need a massage...give it to her 😂😂😂@BOOTS22

  • @sup already done

  • @boots22 awwohhh

  • @sup she has such soft beautiful delicate hands. 😊 :drooling_face: :drooling_face:

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    @boots22 said in Can I just have a moment please?:

    @sup she has such soft beautiful delicate hands. 😊 :drooling_face: :drooling_face:

    pukes in mouth
    Affection gives me indigestion

  • @willow her skin is so soft and cuddly and smooth and tasty and it tastes and looks like carmel. 😋😋😋😋 :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face: