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  • I like this guy from last year and this year hes not in my class but i alway see him at the hallways and at the cafeteria lets just say there’s no time at school that i dont see him and i really like this guy tho i dont know if he likes me back he barely talk to me and i barely talk to him lets just say i feel like hes shy to talk to me but he’s not really a shy type boy but im really shy to talk to him cuz i like him ,well yah im not sure if he likes me but we always have eye contact and when we do i feel like he likes me it feels soo romantic and idk how to explain we have chemistry(sparks?) and one day at the cafeteria i was sitting with my friends i was looking at my them and they were on the right side of me then he sat on my left side cuz there was a free chair i didnt know he was there then he poked me i turned around then i said “omg u scared me” he’s face it was super close to mine like super close like when ur about to kiss a guy that’s how close it was then i turn to my friends again and i was freakin out cuz i like him alot and we dont talk, then he poked me again i turned to him i just rolled my eyes and yeah and after school the same day he was hanging out with my bestfriend and apparently he told my bestfriend that he likes me tho im not sure if my bestfriend is lying cuz she often does some people say the person i like likes me some people say he doesnt ,I feel like he does but what if i only feel like he likes me cuz i like him? We always have eye contact we always pass each other at the hallways but we never say hi,my bestfriend who is really close to him i guess said he likes me but others say he doesnt,Im so desperate i like him alot but i cant stand how im always getting my hopes too high and being upset at the end and it hurts i feel like giving him up but there’s this thing with him i cant let go and that if i let him go i wouldnt feel the thing i feel with him with someone else i cant explain i like him alot but i feel like im waiting for something that’s not gonna happen,but what if he really likes me then i let him go cuz i thought he doesnt,Idk what to do idk if he likes me or not idk...

  • @kaycee First of all I would like to say that if he was a shy person he would not have the guts poke you. Shy persons do not have that much daring believe me. Secondly, you can clarify with your best friend and ask her firmly that she was serious about what she said. Thirdly, if you like that guy and if he seems like a well mannered guy then just speak to him. Start with a more general topic such as about studies or projects and then once he finds you friendly you can talk to him about other things. If he is the right person for you then things will go smoothly.

  • @barez I would recommend you to start blogging and uploading videos about your views and the experience that you have had until now. You can also do what @Sir-Devil has suggested. Also, you can use freelancers online to promote traffic if it does not happens automatically. Today my friend everything runs and works on the intenet! So, Best of Luck!

  • @grey_gamer_p1 Sorry, I will not help you spam a scam.

  • Hello, guys! I am online!

  • @sir-devil i have mostly first world probloms.but my main problom is i geues my big problom is my lack of motivation

  • @0dysseus Well, for that...list out the goals and the benefit you would get on attaining those, think about the things that you desire and think about the ways that you could achieve it.

    This may help, I'm not guaranteeing it but it just might help. Good luck!

  • Whew, finally! I have successfully reinstalled my os. That shit wasn't even bootable. It took me this long to find a way to reinstall it, without resorting to clean install as I had 700+ GB data.

    Well anyway, from now, I would be online more frequent. So, Hello guys!

  • I have no balls. I love my husband but I hate him. Need to leave

  • @onita-bradley Wait, your statement is contradictory. You love him but you hate him?

    Are you trying to tell that you used to love him but not any more or that you care about him but you are not able to tolerate him anymore?

  • @onita-bradley I want to help but I won't be able to do anything without any context.

    Please explain your situation.

  • Hello, guys! I am online!

  • i always thought that i was different. i tught that i wouldnt be that girl who waits for a guy to reply. but it looks like i am, i thought tgat this guy liked me. but it looks like im his side ho
    another thing is that i am still trying to find my sexual identity.
    i have these feelingd for this girl who hates me and now i distract myself from chasing other boys.
    I have no idea what i am. heck, i watch gay porn.

    sorry if rhete are spelling errors. apple did confirm that they make their older versions slower.

  • @emm-soe Let go of it all your worries. Be proud of who you are. Be proud of your orientation because that's who you are. Be proud of it.

    If you are uncomfortable with being a side chick, let go of him. You deserve better. Be proud of yourself.

    If you are indeed having a feeling for that girl, wait. Wait and think over it. Think if those feelings are true and not just a crush or attraction. If it's true, go for it; embrace it. Because that's who you are.

    If you are unsure of who you are, don't worry, everybody is. Everybody's who they are. They may not know about themselves but they don't have the need to. You can just go on with your life, doing what you use to did, doing what you want to do and improving on things that need to. Because in the end, that's all life is.

    If I have to say something, I would say that you are interesting and I'm sure your life would be too.

  • @miguelebs38 I am sorry. I am ready to help in any way I can unless it is a financial help. I am just a student having money to merely take care of all my basic expenses. I had a job but I lost it. I am looking for one but I am not sure I would find something soon. I living my life using the money of my father but it's pretty annoying. He is really strict. My expenses can't exceed a set amount and I have to show him records of all my expenses. It's all most as if I am an investment. So sorry, I won't be able to help you financially.

  • @the_nothingness What are you hiding? Your emotions, your problems, Marijuana?

    Sorry if I seem like joking. Your question was really vague. So, I am going to ask you tell me what are you hiding. Feel free to tell me about it since I don't know you. I don't know your name nor your face. So, anything you tell me won't affect you in anyways. Hence, by telling, you won't be losing anything yet would gain something.

  • @willoww Mostly it's just one's self-consciousness talking. If you are comfortable with your partner, it could be easily solved by talking to them and there's no such thing as being "good enough". The only that matters is whether they are happy, being with you and will you both be happy if you continue to be with him. If yes, then there no need to worry.

  • @sir-devil Iam addicted to incest fantasies . kindly advice me to rid of it

  • @alexthealien said in Share your problems with Sir Devil:


    stop eating too much popcorn then Lol

  • @telugu-incest this is a tricky question, so let me see if you can help. First of all, I need to know your age. If you are in the adolescence, don't worry; It's just the hormones. You have just hit the puberty; Your Hormones are running rampant in your body. You would have an increased Sex drive and for males, it would sometimes direct towards their Family. Don't worry, It's not something new. Although there might not any solution, there are measures. Some of them would be, distracting yourself, getting a girlfriend, calming yourself by practicing things like abdominal breathing.

    So, don't worry. You are not abnormal. Many guys go through that phase. You would be fine in a few years as long as you are not actively cultivating it.

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