• My ex and I have been together or 3 years. Within those years, I have cherished and loved her. I was so sure that she’d be the one I will end up with the rest of my life but it seems like I was all wrong. Last year, I found out she was cheating on me. I had my doubts before but I just shrugged it off whenever she tells me he is only a friend until I caught her red handed. Man, nothing hurts more than seeing your girl on top of someone else in your apartment. It took me almost a year to move on from the pain. I have engaged myself to different activities and even joined in some international dating blogs just to forget her. Now, here she comes telling me how much she regrets everything and that she still loves me. The thing is, when she did, everything rushed through me – the memories and the pain all came back. I realized I have never really gotten over her and I know that this seems inappropriate with my age but I can’t help it. I know I still love her but I guess I am just too scared to take her back because of the thought that it may happen again.

  • @askingexbf On top of someone else in your own apartment? That's horrible man, I'm sorry it happened to you. I've been cheated on before but I never had this kind of encounter. If it was me on that time, maybe I could have done something crazy honestly. For me, just take some time for yourself. Heal those wounds completely and forgive her not just for her but for your yourself.

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    I know that feeling... When I trully love someone I can never fully despise / want to be away from them, but then another side of me tells me "What for? She's just gonna do the same".
    In the end, you gotta seek what your heart wants you to do. If you have yet to get over her, mby trying one more time and see if she changed might be a good shot, after all ppl deserve 2nd chances, sometimes...

  • That's a really traumatic experienced of yours. If that happened to me, I don't know how would I react in that situation but for sure I wouldn't give her another chance. I'm not a perfectionist kind of person, I can accept my partner's flaws and shortcomings in our relationship but no cheating please because that's too much to handle.

  • if that the case doesn't accept her, coz if she cheated on you once there's a tendency she did that again. you can find a better person than her.

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