• Dear Judith,

    When you read this, i probably has enough courage to admit everything. Before i am out of town which means i have a limit access to internet and may be i will be slow respond, i just want you to know this things.
    I believe it is been several days after i openly admitted that you re my crush. In this TWS, there are three things that make my nose bleeding, give me a heart attack till i am just speechless atm.

    1. Judith for whatever it is.
    2. When i see innocent girl saying something.
    3. Seeing a naked picture post (i just found some animal naked picture here).

    Then, this message will be an open confession but i am sure i will not ask you out to date with me. Why? Allow me to explain in a short way:

    1. It is not like we will not have a future, i can reach it out, i may jump on my bed then buy a ticket to your country just to show everything in front of you and be a genuine gentleman ever. But then, what we will do after that? After you and i end up together, then we will have a complex drama moreover may be you will be hurt at the end. Hell, no. Judith, you deserve a happy life and i don't want to make a mess with it. A relationship needs a long term goal and i know my limit. I don't want to change it.
    2. I don't want to give you a false hope. I love you, it is enough. I will be all ears every time you need me, i will be there when you feel down, i will support you whenever you want it, i will be your good friend, a brother who protects you from many bad things here, be a good lover for you till you fully feel you get a love from me but no more. You are almost 17, you have a long way to value your life, you have to go to university, you have to make a decision to your whole life when you are 20, you have to have a good career when you are 24. I dont want to waste your time for this useless stuff while you have bunch things to do.
    3. I dont want to change you to be someone else. You have to know something, since that day, i am unconditionally, irrevocably and wholeheartedly love you just the way you are. Do you need evidences? I believe you notice i did comment your "old posts" even it is just several posts. I did want to know everything about you. I did notice every changes things on you. I keep my words and promises with you and many more.
    4. For me, commitment is such a huge thing that i have to deal with. I ever had a bad experience with it and i really felt suffer to heal my feeling. I don't want to feel it again since it really takes time to handle.
    5. I just want to enjoy every moments in here with you. It is such a precious thing for me and i treasure every moments when you explained me everything about yourself. I believe it will change when we do dating things. Beside that, i want to be your secret admirer. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for this amazing feeling, it is been 2 years since i never fell in love with someone. For me, love is when i see you happy, when you share your compassion with others, when you mingle with everybody in here, when you re independently and critically saying something on your mind and you share your idea, when you do your drama and your jokes and when i know some dark sides of yours. All of your side drag me down to have this feeling deeper and deeper. Thank you for always be a limited edition girl whom i love the most in here. Please you should always be shining, be whatever you wanna be and always be my favorite girl ever.

    Jakarta, 18.6.2018, 2.20 AM (UTC+7)
    with Love,


  • Hella Assassins Global Moderator

    @g-a : Please dont involve me on your nonsense drama and personal stupidity in life..If you want fame in TWS go ahead no one stops you,I am quiet and I handle credibility on my own risk..

    Who are you to say that Im waiting for rend for a month ago and seeing him in days,you know nothing about me /him..You are not my friend and were not even friends at all so dont create idiot illusion G..

    You said your a teacher,so better act one set a good example in here cos I Believe teachers are not as moron as you..

    Yes,I was never been vocal in TWS And this is my first time to say this words,and i wont allow you do foolishness on me..

    I already forgive you when u said about me& Cali friends w/benefits..so again this time with Rend,I am so piss of you and i hope people will read this freely and take an immediate action that This G.A. Is causing damage..

    Im speaking on my own and @Rendezvous is out of this issue..

  • Hella Assassins Global Moderator

    @g-a why to much question to be raise..you must know that by yourself,dont ask anymore..just don't connect me with your nonsense joke,cos at the very 1st place your joke is not funny..

    Jokes must be funny,not irritating..your senseless too.. Show a respect thats it.. Laugh as much as u can if it makes you a man,but im telling this you are not..

    End of this,i hope you get what i mean..

    I know what is fun,joke,serious but i can identify stupidity also..

  • -deleted-

  • Fake Moderators

    I LOVE YOU๐Ÿ˜‚

  • -deleted-

  • Hella Assassins Global Moderator

    @evan-elderson Thanks nate since day 1..Sir Evan A Big THANK YOU,im not good on words especially on a Man coz i thought guns are the most masculine hehe..Also to zoobie thanz friend..
    Not to forget,my favo @Calisthenics scf forever

    Good thing ,i see clearly now..

  • Hella Assassins Global Moderator

    @evan-elderson : Ahem I Know and Understand the words you said..Literally smiling here..


    @bela it's kinda sad when ppl mix reality with internet. Joking around is OK but there's a limit for everything. Props for the way you stand up. 10/10! ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • We Are Groot! Music Lovers

    i upvoted this post then un-upvoted it when I saw the tags

  • Music Lovers

    @g-a Anyway, bruh, you are taking it way too seriously.
    I thought you were doing it as a joke all that while. But honestly, I was shocked after reading it.
    All I can advise you is, That Internet is all a joke. Thereโ€™s no such thing as an online relationship where you are committed. Like online relationships are joke.
    So, Donโ€™t waste your time on her or donโ€™t get your expectations high, because I know her, she holds the same opinion about online relationships.
    I know she is a wonderful girl, but its just that she is fucking half world away from you.

  • -deleted-

  • Music Lovers

    @g-a said in UNTITLED (DRAMA PART 1):

    @rendezvous say it, with a gentle word, "I HATE YOU, JUDITH IS MY HUSBAND AND WE AINT DIVORCE YET, B***H".
    (I am sorry father for my sin)
    That is a love letter dude, from a thousand miles big fan and huge crush who is currently in love. You re the one who take it seriously rn. ๐Ÿ˜

    Lol I seriously thought the letter was a serious thing. Like it looked like real emotions expressed.
    So I just gave you an advice, thats it lol.
    My bad, I took it seriously.



    What's with the tags m8, why is everyone picturing a romance between me and @Willow ๐Ÿ˜†

  • We Are Groot!

    @willow said in UNTITLED (DRAMA PART 1):

    But i wanna see you 2 fight

    @Mr-H @Rendezvous @Willow @WtfJudith

    ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

    alt text

    P.S: Art is open source, feel free to reproduce or edit.

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  • -deleted-

  • We Are Groot! Music Lovers

    @bela fucking ๐Ÿ‘ preach๐Ÿ‘It๐Ÿ‘Sista๐Ÿ‘
    Fuck em in da ass

  • Music Lovers

    @g-a lmao sorry, I actually had stop reading all the topics for past some days. But now that I read this topic, its fucking hilarious lol.
    You think that I would fucking get involved with someone who is like half way round the world?
    But anyway, its your opinion and I couldnโ€™t care less about it.
    Actually I donโ€™t care about this stupid community (except @willow , because i know she is actually a very good friend of mine), but everyone else is just fuckinh trash.

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