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    I cant explain my deep worries. neither I don't know how to write my
    tormented feelings down on paper. sleep is only solution can erase my pain.
    I've been silent and let down myself. my life sucks due having low social skills
    and depressed. I don't know how to make new friends at my first days of college.
    please gave me advice how to talk girls and how to create new friends.

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    @LayIa <-------------- CATFISH

            I                                       {WHO'S THERE?]                                      
            I                                       HEY WHAO WTF IS THIS?                 L
            I                                       HONESTLY THIS COOL                      L
            I                                       @WtfJudițh                                                   L 


            I             STRANGERS PASSING IN THE STREETS 
            I             BY CHANCE TWO SEPERATE GLANCES MEET 
            I             AND I AM YOU AND WHAT I SEE IS ME 

    () e e
    l ........

  • Hiiiiii I know ...same strikethrough text...I'm also bored

  • @im-bored (?) (?) (?) (?) (?)

  • Jus talk... Anybody will click at it and be friends keep trying... God always necessary a companion for those who are in need of it