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    omg you go get it right now!!!!!!
    i'm telling you Detroit become human is the game of the year imo
    better than new god of war game, last of us 2 probably still better than red dead
    redemption 2. im not going tell you full detail of the story and game. b/c you have to
    play it. highly recommended!!!!

    its about you play 3 androids in 3 separate stories
    one- you play as Connor, advanced android detective. who partners up
    with human police detective Hank. this is critical element of
    building relationship because hank does not like androids
    and if you (playing Connor) dislike hank all way through. you'll get
    an terrible outcome between hank and connor. so try to be nice and respectful
    to hank. you'll get good ending.

    two- Kara, android women who is cleaning lady. your in the store where they
    sell androids to help and asset for humans daily life. bought out by the guy name
    Todd. he takes you to his home, living with his little daughter Alice. it turns out
    Todd is a drug addictive and he treats you like a a slave. Alice is in danger by his
    abusive father.

    three- Markus, an android man who is caretaker for old people.
    you taking care of old man who is famous painter. After that incident
    (which i wont talk what happened) markus is wakes up in wasteland dump
    of useless and broken androids some of them still alive. you got find other
    androids body parts to repair yourself up and you crawl out the dump,
    walks away.

    this narrative is heavily based on your choices and decisions. this is how you tell
    the story. its you. so much complex than other games like until dawn, life is strange
    heavy rain, beyond two souls, wolf among us, etc...

    i did best explain of each story in small brief i can. hopefully you will be
    interested. thanks for reading this and GEORGE CARLIN SAYS GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!

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    Sounds exciting!!!
    gets back to pokemon greenleaf.

  • -deleted-


    i will ,i will :grinning:
    ..just lemme get a hang on things in life.:relieved:

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    @brown-nigger-man I'm beating God of war before getting a new game. It did look interesting to me.

  • @us-poet It's great ,Man !
    You should definitely try it ..the social & political aspects are quite reminiscent of Blade-runner.

    If God of war is God of Linear Storytelling.
    Detroit:Become Human is God of Branching Storytelling.

  • @maxcaulfield Sorry, I dont have the patience to read this.
    Could you summarise it? Pleaseeeeee

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    its about robot right? well lets wait until 2038 and see if highly intelligent robot is exist

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