• Your Physical height doesn't matter, how much height you achieve in life matters.

    Some Random Pics
    8_1528344792069_FB_IMG_15276799975139823.jpg 7_1528344792062_FB_IMG_15277724047460551.jpg 6_1528344792054_FB_IMG_15277625987633046.jpg 5_1528344792048_FB_IMG_15277628186123066.jpg 4_1528344792040_FB_IMG_15277629064513700.jpg 3_1528344792031_FB_IMG_15277634402980901.jpg 2_1528344792023_FB_IMG_15277816060787678.jpg 1_1528344792011_FB_IMG_15282996312096193.jpg 0_1528344791951_FB_IMG_15282997988012536.jpg

    Attention Please , I have submitted the limit in cm like 120-130cm, 130-140cm, 180-190cm, etc. But it is not showing.

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