• This is an autobiography of Bollywood's most controversial actor Sanjay Dutt. This is directed by Rajkumar Hirani , the maker of 3idiots , Pk , Munna bhai MBBS.

    I will recommend you to Check this trailer ( English subtitles are available)

  • Movie Buff

    @yoursbucky bruh this is like the wolf of wall street meets Slumdog millionaire.
    one more to say, I like it and sometimes Bollywood movies produce fine and original quality
    content in their film-making. too bad, b/c I never seen real movies from Bollywood.

  • Movie Buff

    @yoursbucky whoa 600-700 movies per year......... damn
    I bet fake polished bullshit Hollywood and western countries have never reached that higher number in per year.
    ONE QUESTION: do you see a Japanese film called "LOVE EXPOSURE"?

  • @im-bored I didn't get why U feel that this have flavour of slumdog. This is an actual autobiography of real actor who was drug addicted , have connections with underworld and also pervert. His life is like a rollercoaster ride.
    I feel sorry that you haven't watch good indian movie. We have lot of good movies come each year. But It's hard to find for outsider because of release of 600-700 movies per year in India.
    For suggestions of good Indian movie of any genre, you can contact me.

  • @im-bored Yes this is huge number , U can check this on internet. Only Bollywood(Hindi movies) which produce only 40% of total number of indian movies, sells more ticket than Hollywood.
    No , I haven't watch that movie, If u recommend then I will definitely watch.

  • Cant wait to see it man!!

  • Veteran Mods One Woman Army

    This movie is based on the life of an Indian actor...so anyone who hasn't seen any of his movies...watching this one won't interest them. That's just my opinion.
    PS- I watch Indian movies very rarely. Not gonna watch this.

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