• I had a girlfriend before whom I met in an international dating blog. Unfortunately, things had to end up between us since my parents wanted me to focus on my studies and finish up my degree first. Since I was only a year away from my graduation, I agreed to it. We didn’t really have any communications after breakup but I knew he has a new boyfriend. Graduation came faster than I thought it would and I was finally allowed to have a girlfriend. Few weeks after graduation, my ex sent me a message asking me for pieces of advice on how she should deal with her new boyfriend. There were no hard feelings between us so I openly gave her some. Since then, we exchanged messages with each other almost everyday and she even calls me a few times. We became closer to each other until it reached to the point that I was slowly falling for her again... or maybe I have always been in love with her. I knew it was wrong so I had to do something. I told her to put a halt in our communication but she wouldn’t agree and ended up confessing that she still loves me. I don’t deny the fact that I want her to feel that way but I know that it’s a mistake given that she has a boyfriend. I don’t really know what I should do and who between my heart and my mind should I follow. I need your advice on this matter. Thanks.

  • Can I ask your advice about my problem guys please help me what i should follow now?

  • It is very clear that you are both in love with each other but she should settle everything with her current bf before jumping right into another relationship. Don't enter a relationship where you know it's a mistake in the first place because it won't give you any peace of mind.

  • @indoubtbf dont back her again. when the relationship is over, it really over there's no point in getting back again.

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    come back to with him