True or false? you better choose one.

  • Soul Searchers

    @idodrugsjk earth is round

  • Question A: false
    Question B: true
    Question 😄 true
    Question 😧 true
    Question E: true
    Question F: true
    Question G: false
    Question H: true

  • oes the bible say that God ordered the rape of some young girls?

    Does the bible say that God's law against rape included the victim being stoned to death if hadn't she scream?

    Does the bible say that one of god's law permited a rapist to buy the victim and get married to her, so he can legally rape her?

    Does the bible say that one child had been killed by bears sent by god at the request of some guy. The child had insulted the man.

    Does the bible say that some sick fuck offered his daughters to be raped, only to get some angels out of trouble. (as if they could not open their fucking wings an escape) - joke

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    Ey yo man, you da real MVP for dem answers and yeah da bible does say those things but what does that have to do with da post tho

    P.S. If that's you, your beard game is $TRONG

    Pewdiepie very nice

  • @iDoDRuGsJK
    Question A. Earth is flat?............................... F
    Question B. When you shave, you grow harrier next day.............. F
    Question C. Humans are one of the cruelest............ T
    Question D. Spiritual beings (ghosts, spirits, angels, demons) are real?... T
    Question E. We have been descended from apes/chimps...... T
    Question F. We have 21 senses............. F
    Question G. Red food coloring includes mashed up insects......... F
    Question H. Monsters are real........... Humans are real

    1. Proven to be false
    2. While there may be things that affect how fast your hair grows back, shaving is not one of them
    3. Animals cannot be cruel
    4. Extremely powerful beings, maybe, but spirits I don't think so
    5. Seems to be the case but in the end there have been no proof found of bodies that represented the whole transcending process from ape to homosapiens. Just because apes look like us does not give you the right to claim they are our ancestors, I don't think any scientist said anything about this being a proven theory.
    6. Possibly more than that, but so far there have been discovered around 9 or so, tho some claim we do have 21 and I agree with them, as I said there's maybe even more
      7.No idea, seems awfully wrong to me
      8.Depends on ur idea of "monster" if it's just a weird looking thing then yeah they do exists, gene problems or mutations happen pretty often
      P.S answering with T or F is rather boring when you agree/disagree u gotta say some points aswel don't you think?

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