So i want y'all to be real with me, lets be straight, these are the best brands of all time, but we need to get the best one out of these 2, which is the best brand and why??
    Well i use samsung s8 plus at the moment.. and i have been loyal to this brand for years, because its easy to use. Now tell me yours and why???


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    @ragnar Samsung is better than Iphone in every aspect for me. here are some reasons-

    1. Samsung phones are cheaper.
    2. They consist of better camera quality in same price.
    3. They contain higher RAM.
    4. Samsung phones contain better internal memory.
    5. Samsung phones provide better battery-backup.
      IPhones are white elephants in my opinion
      I do have a samsung on nxt 32 GB.
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    @ragnar If this was "Android Vs iPhone" I would have picked Android without a doubt. I have a Motorola and it is better than every phone out there. But for this...I'll pick iPhone as I kinda hate Samsung.

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    @ragnar SAMSUNG ALL THE WAY!!!!! and my answer is simple... IT'S JUST IS

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  • yayy


  • iPhone cause I can afford it. πŸ“±
    If I could buy any phone I want, then I would buy Samsung

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    @ragnar Nothing beats iPhone, actually ios is a lot easier to use, android is a bitch.
    and also not to mention the looks. Just look at all the samsung phones, most of those look same as any other android phone to a common man and also they look dull. On the other hand, iPhones are look classy and have a characteristic look.

  • I'm a rebel at heart
    I choose neither.
    While others Conform ,i go my own way. :sunglasses:

    You all should use a Google Pixel phone.
    Best thing since Swiss Cheese .

    Its not the best looking ,its not the sexiest,it doesnt have the best bells & whistles ...but it is the best Smartphone experience I ever had.
    A solid experience from a solid phone. :relaxed:

    Its software is what makes it shine & google does it best .

    Buttery smooth interface ,software gives 200% ..everything is optimized af
    & the camera :lips: ...you can use it for even shooting cinema grade videos .
    & the sweet caveat of getting all the latest & best features from Google.

  • @evan-elderson said in SAMSUNG VS IPHONE:

    @stranger_danger Pixel, I think, is what I am going to next. I have played with them and like it.

    :grinning: :grinning:

    Clearly Great minds think alike.

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  • @ragnar Lol first phone I ever had was a gift and was Samsung, can't change back way to use too it.

  • @ragnar I will prefer Samsung over I phone bcoz Samsung is very easy to operate and user friendly, Android lovers every time get amazed by New mind blowing apps and so on as what was I experienced. But for IPHONE lovers their Apple is delicious for them. So it's depends on individual to individual, so go on through your Experience

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    I will give answer in aspect of Android Phone Vs iPhone. Because I am not fan of Samsung brand except its S series. For me the Androids are best , they are available in all budgets phones. Android are easy and convenient to use as compare to MAC. Most important feature of android phones that it provide large number of options , whether it is phone or its software. On the other hand, In iPhone there are limited number of software options and many of them are premium and Apple himself says that they sell iPhone with about 100% profit. The only feature they are proud are security because of their own OS and so much restrictions. But everyone knows the infamous iCloud leak. So, its true that iPhone got some class , but for my point of view I am not going to waste money on that because thats not what I required. Sorry , who are iPhone user , U can say that for me "Casting pearls before swine "

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    @im-a-bae said in SAMSUNG VS IPHONE:

    @layla another one... you're lucky I actually like you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

    Hey hey hold on gal.... What do you mean by "I ACTUALLY LIKE YOU"
    If you wanted to insult me, you could have just insulted me on my face lmao.

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    @rendezvous first of all this one was for @layla and secondly if I didn't like you, I wouldn't even talk you at all cuz insulting someone just makes the scenario even worse and insults are not my cup of tea thirdly I have no reason to hate anyone cuz I'm not that type of person to do so, if that's how you act and that's how your personality is then so be it but I'm not going hate you because you're being you. But thank you for pointing it out. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š

  • @azzurranna yayyy!! You are the one true loyal to your brand!!

  • @ragnar lol forever and always! takes a bow

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    Nokia is where it's at.

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