• Banned

    I have joined tws with name of lonely earlier. But i leaved that day due to some issue. I join later with name Bucky because in global i have seen the people(@steve_rogers and @Barton ) are discussing on marvel. So , for joing the discussion i choose the name Bucky . So, I choose my name unintentionally.

  • okieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • You will learn some lessons that i learned
    Actually i am 3months old in here
    In global, i have lots of name (jack, sam, steve...)
    After a heavy lesson,
    @Steve-Roger suits me
    So, I am...

    You wish to read mine? Available in my profile

  • When i first joined i used the name @Captain haddock cuz i just wanted a unique name. Then after watchin vikings i came to love ragnar's personality and everything. So i chose that one. After i got many friends in here i couldnt change it so as i wont confuse my friends lol