• Hey peeps. So i just really wanna know who do u all think is the strongest avenger. In Thor Ragnarok both Thor and Bruce claimed to be the strongest avenger. And I've heard rumors that it took quite a while for spiderman to die is because hes the strongest. So wgat d'yall say?

  • As far as my knowledge is concerned if you want the most powerful avenger it has to be Scarlet Witch, in the comics she is capable of manipulating space and time and to some extent reality itself.

    If you are talking about physically strong then we have a tie between my son @TH0R and Hulk.

    The general understanding is Hulk gets Stronger the angrier he gets.
    In World War Hulk issue Hulk was practically a God of his own realm.
    So technically there are no limits to his strengths.

    But we will never get a proper face off between thor and hulk as it would be devastating to the planet they fight on.

  • Thor is the strongest avenger, he is God ffs

  • -deleted-

  • Hulk- Physically.

    The Vision- Mentally and Physically tbh. (Hey he lifted Thor’s Mjolnir that no other avenger could except Thor himself)

    Thor- God.

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    Believe it or not:
    Stan Lee is the strongest avenger.
    stan lee

  • @evan-elderson wow 👏👏👏 speechless

  • Banned

    None another than Captain America @steve_roger

  • @erιn Btw who is strongest according to you?

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  • @erιn
    I mean Marvel will always give more power to the character will be more loved by the viewers and they will never kill that Avenger.

  • @sup 😂😂😂 ur dang right!

  • @missv-tws-queen uh-oh..Spoiler alert hehe

  • @erιn Same pinch,
    I also choose Thor. His hammer always give him advantage. Also he remains in senses while fighting while Hulk sometimes get out of senses

  • @erιn Thor is the strongest avenger

  • @erιn "Viewers"
    I guess you why I said so :)

  • @albertolok err....What?

  • @albertolok ugh i knoooooooooow

  • @erιn I know u know :)

  • Gamers

    The Strongest Avenger is the Uchiha






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