• if so , do you want to talk about it ? ....i know it's a reeeeeally weird question but. ...come on, just Read my user name owo. ...😊☺. Oh , and do you know some creepy Stories (Fiction or not)?

  • Oh uhm. ...hi btw :3.

  • Yeah one time I heard beating on a door in my house (I live alone most of the time.) It was an interior door as well. Right down the hallway. I have all the lights off in my house to save energy so this didn't help. It was like a knocking/trying to pry a door open sound. Luckily I live in the good ol U.S. of A and grabbed my 12 gauge <3. I decided I was going to confront this shit head on. I get cover behind my door and look down the hallway. The beating and pounding on the door stops. I raise my barrel and unlock the safety. I kick the door open and do a quick sweep of the room.
    Nothing. Heart beat pounding. There has to be SOMETHING in here. There was just all that prying at the door...
    I look into the master bath. No one. Check the sides and under the bed. No one.

    Shortly realized after it was my cat walking happily out of the room lol. gg.
    Everything has an explanation.