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    Welp i dont even know why im posting this but whatever...
    I just wanted to say the day i die don't cry...and dont pretend like u care. Cuz all of those years i was dead inside and nobody cared. I would rather have 1 person at my funeral who cared abt me than 5000 people who dont even know my name....
    Have y'all ever felt like nobody cared abt u? I mean ye ure parents give u a house u can live in, they give u food nd ure friends hangout with u but.... have u ever thought ure friends hanged out with ya cuz they maybe just want something from u??

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    @Its_me_Layla yeah.. Many friends might be wit u for their own advantages. But be sure who u r. They don't know u as well as yk urself. There are best friends sometimes who know u Better than yk urself when u r feeling depressed or low. Well, there still are people who would know the real you. Believe in it. It ll take time to find ur own right people. Ur a brave girl McAllister. U got this ok. Ups and downs will happen a lot but dw.. There's a lot more to come but jus hold on :) hv patience.

  • @Its_me_Layla What we feel Is not always the truth . Surly there must be people who care abt you, or you still didn't find some of them .

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