• So personally, I think everybody is 'beautiful', no matter what size or shape you are most people would think because I think everyone is 'beautiful' I would see myself as 'beautiful', but I don't, I don't feel 'beautiful' at all.

    That brings me to my first point:

    What is beautiful? What is the meaning of 'beautiful'
    think about it, what are the connotations of the word 'beautiful':
    pretty, skinny, good figure, slim and stunning
    Then think about this:

    What is ugly? What is the meaning of ugly? (btw no one is ugly)
    what are the connotations of the word ugly?
    unattractive, fat, overweight and unpleasant
    why is someone who is overweight or fatter than normal instantly seen as ugly?

    I feel like I'm fat tbh and I know other people think I'm fat too, so far this week I've been called fat 3 times

    I just feel like people need to see past other people's looks

    idk what this was

  • Ohhh youuuu Nott fatttt ...well that s my opinion ik you gonna say that ...but at least there will always be someone who thinks you re beautiful and attractive just the way you are......and moreeee than beautiful

  • Beauty is subjective. Anyone can be pretty in their own way, and often what makes a person attractive is not their looks but their personality and self-confidence. Absolutely we all have complex of our appearance, even those people that we consider perfect. People can criticize and make fun of your looks, but most of the time it's because they feel insecure, and focusing on others imperfections makes them feel better. I don't know how you are physically, but the important thing is that you feel comfortable with your body. Don't let people's comments affect you because they have no right to judge you.

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  • We should be more hateful to ourselves
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  • Gamers

    FAT? Noone can stops you for being FAT!