If we all had genetic profiles made of us, would our perspective of the world change?

  • If someone ask another person what are they, they will most likely say White, Black, Asian, Indian, etc. But say that we all have genetic profiles that tell us about our ancestry and where our family originated from. Do you think it would change people’s perspective of the world? Would we be more or less tolerant of others if he learned that we are all distant related (distant cousins)?

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    @ᑕᖇiᗰᔕ-ᑎ no, it won't change anything. Because as already any person who has heard of HGP( Human Genome Project) might know that humans share 99.9% of similarity in DNA. It is just the 0.1% DNA that varies. And out of that 0.1% most of those are VNTRs(Variable No. Tandem Repeats). And when you make genetic profile of someone, you find the ancestry on the basis of these VNTRs. And in reality, VNTRs don't influence any of the characters as they are non-transatable regions.
    So, It doesn't matter, whatever biological aspect we provide to racist people, they'll still keep acting as jerks.

  • @cheesecake-lesb I agree .
    Our emotions & hate doesnot come from the color of our skin or our race but rather our mind.

    There is always a social factor ..a group mentality.A evolutionary trait left from man's early days .
    An absolutely necessary condition for survival.

    there is always a us vs them.
    This is easily displayed in ,

    family vs outsider.
    friend vs enemies.
    rich vs poor.
    Employers vs employee.

    1 race will mean a single barrier of division has fallen.. nothing more.
    Other avenues of hate will remain.
    & people will automatically dislike you for being different.those with like mentality will band together & try to enforce their ideals.
    Some will protest.
    Result more hate towards each other.

    even if it is good simple men with their own dreams -
    man has always have different dreams & will do anything to achieve them & if their dreams clash ..then again hate.

  • @ᑕᖇiᗰᔕ-ᑎ I don't think anything would change bc people are jerks, cousins are mean to each other siblings are mean to each other every once in a while, It wouldn't change our perspective of people just knowing that we are distantly related.

  • Would be cool, but it sounds a little far-fetched to me

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    You have great questions, bro.
    But I don't like to answer deep questions. Can't help it.

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