Writing my first novel

  • Nicholas Sparks has always been my favorite novelist. I like how he writes. His mind is just so explicit with the flow of his stories. He is my inspiration that’s why I became a writer. I write editorial articles, which I consider to be my edge. I also write blog articles and feature write-ups. Now, I’m planning to write my very first novel. And I’m thinking about topics which have been involved to many issues like online dating, foreign dating tours, matchmaking. I am more into creating love articles. Please, I need your suggestions.

  • @radiant1978 Anyone in here that can give me some advice of what i am thinking specially in writing about dating is it good for me to focus in it?

  • In order to write a good novel about love is to experience it for yourself. Have you tried falling in love with someone? I guess it would be a good novel if you write your own love story.

  • For me, i think base on your experience. you can right easily when you base on your experience.

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