First impression. What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you meet a stranger?

  • Before I log off for the day let me drop this;
    It is true that first impression matters a lot, and it is also true not to judge a book by its cover or judge a person by their appearance or skin colour.
    What I'm trying to say is; people differ and we all come from different backgrounds and cultural views, so it will only be nice and polite to give others a chance to express their thoughts without judging them and giving everyone an equal opportunity.

  • @mikeJB you know, some years back I use to be like that, I could sense negativity or just something odd from meeting someone at first sight but that didn't take me anywhere until I discovered that some golds are covered in dirt, some treasures are buried in mud so you need to dig deep or clean up to unravel your treasure and claim it.
    I hope you understand my illustration.

  • First impressions are kind not worth taking note of. BUT! If you talk about on this site then. I would see the username. If its good then maybe I will be nicer to that person. And the other thing if the person is like "hru" or "how are u"
    Do you get it? If you can't expel some energy to talk to me then you don't qualify to talk to me.

  • i can tell in 5 min if i want anything to do with this person going forward. one thing i look for is SARCASM. if you have it, im walking. i HATE SARCASM

  • is your name pronounced "zoey"?

  • @mikeJB lol yes it is.

  • @xoyee i love it. i also see that you speak very eloquently

  • @mikeJB thank you, you do very well yourself. I like being in conversation with people who make me think wide, fast and smart.

  • @xoyee if you go to my profile intro, youlll see how i think

  • @mikeJB oh I did and that caught my attention.

  • r u american?

  • Eye contact, posture, expressions, talkitive, quiet. I don't mean to, but I tend to profile people pretty easy. When you meet lists of people in life, work etc, you generally get a good intuition on personal profiles. You've eventually bound to meet all. But you'll get a curve ball now and then. I certainly had my fair share of miss judgements.

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