• Some (possibly intriguing) questions you may like to answer:

    • How competitive are you? What are you competitive in?

    • Have you ever won something big?

    • Have you ever lost something big? How did you react? What did you learn?

    • Do you regret anything in regards to competitions?

  • @korglife17
    I’m very competitive. I’m competitive in everything I do.
    I have won a football championship in our league which was an amazing feeling.
    I have also been on the losing end of the championship game which was a crushing blow. It was hard to deal with the loss. I got angry that all of our hard work was for nothing. But it pushed us even harder for the next season.
    I regret nothing in regards to competition because it makes you stronger and it makes winning that much more sweet.

  • @korglife17
    I'm highly competitive(to myself). And is competing to grow and develop everyday!
    Not as such but you see winning against 400 trillion in itself is a big achievement.
    Yes lost a big amount of fat. (20 kgs) i'm very happy. Lessons learnt was to stay a fit and active life.
    I don't regret loosing any such thing.. all of them if deeply analysed are lessons to improve yourself.

  • @korglife17 I'm very competitive
    I have not won something big but I have won a lot of trophies for bowling tournaments that I've participated it.
    I have never lost anything big unless you count me losing my girlfriend, I sobbed for like 5 days then I went to a bar and there was a guy I saw there and we started talking and now we are friends and it could maybe turn into something more, I learned that when you lose something important to you, you shouldn't let it hold you down.
    I don't have any regrets other than telling my mother that I hated her when I was 10, but other than that I have no regrets bc the other mistakes I made, made me who I am today.

  • @sammy said

    winning against 400 trillion in itself is a big achievement.

    Have an upvote for that, odds of existence reference
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