• I recently finished my two exams... and what the cuss I have a lot going on inside me right now.

    I'm certain we're all victims in some way.

    ..So, here's some stuff you can talk about:

    • How do you cope with pre-exam stress?

    • How do you cope with post-exam stress?

    • What was your worst exam?

    • What was your best exam?

    • What's your overall opinion on exams?

    • etc, etc..

  • @korglife17 I just try to be as prepared as possible before the exam and talk myself up(you know give myself some confidence before an exam) to cope with pre exam stress.
    I don’t get post exam stress.
    My worst exam was my speech preparation final exam in high school. I had to prepare and give a speech to the entire school.
    My best exams were in college biology and chemistry. I got extra credit on both for thorough answers so I got 105% on both lmao.
    Overall exams weren’t too bad for me, but at the same time I don’t miss all the preparation that goes into them lmao

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    @korglife17 Usually i don't study for the exams, i use to take a notepad and a pen with me (during college days) I use to listen what my professors teach me and I'll take notes that's it. I take my notepad and I'll have a quick glance only before entering into exam hall. This is what i do when i was on college.

    • I didn't had any stress before or after the exams. Cuz I don't like to stress myself by studying before the exams lol.
    • My best exam was Math, Human Resources and Marketing.
    • My worst exam was Accounts, till now i have no idea how to do accounting lmaooo cuz I'm not from Accounts background, i took science from school. I did only theoretical part not practical. Phew and finally i scored with good marks!!!. Accounts was a nightmare to me.

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