The Joker - time to discuss!!

  • I need to talk about The Joker with others who've seen it!!! Bursting!! I know no one!!!

  • ACTING: off the charts
    PLOT: not your regular hero-villain movie. A bold and good social commentary by DC. Don't expect it to be like Nolan's batman, and don't compare phoenix's joker with that of heath's, they both were playing in different ballparks. Try to watch movie without any pre-conceived notion; and, observe and think while watching!

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    It isn't a comics film. Beautiful, amazing and cruel social thriller. DC setting is not so important in this film, and can be easily removed. Todd Phillips said, that he was influenced by the early Scorsese's works. And this is really sensed. Joaquin Phoenix's play is adorable.

    Time to start a holy war: Ledger or Phoenix 😉

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    a lovely dark thriller, and a really great movie. i really liked the general vibe of it, kinda reminiscent of "taxi driver" and other similar character study movies.
    also, joaquin phoenix is an amazing actor. he's been great in every single role he's ever played, but he's super good in this one

  • Easily the best 2019 movie imho.
    It was a masterpiece and more then a super heroes movie! Or in this case villan!

    It was such a strong psicologic thriller, amazing acting and beautiful character development!

  • Wasn't that good to be honest. Didn't live up to expectations.

  • i work in a cinema and it was stupidly busy, finally god a night off to see it today, such an amazing film

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