Is sum a psychopath?

  • Hello to the ones I only admire, after @Rendezvous posting a topic of @SUmof1 reputation and him earning the most assholic person (-120) in TWS. I have been noticing something about his topics and his replies. Here is one of the major topics he posted about gays, and he said he was being serious about it: 0_1524165897884_Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 2.23.38 PM.png

    Pretty cool huh? No. So as you can see, he was technically criticizing homos and those who follow a religion. Notice how he just insulted those who are reading, even if they did not choose to be gay or did. Reading the topic made me felt weird, was he angry? Most likely not, how could he not be angry while typing a topic about the choices they make and him criticizing them you ask? Don't guess he did not care, because he obviously did when typing the topic. As you all can guess, he did not feel any guilt or remorse for after what he typed. Still not phased? Here: 0_1524167616143_Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 2.18.52 PM.png

    As delusional as it may sound, who would even not feel guilt or remorse for others but instead, blame it on them and use reasoning? A psychopath. Why not we take the Hare Psychopathy Checklist?

    High estimation of self? Check
    Lack of remorse and guilt? Check
    Shallow Response? Check
    Poor behavioral controls? Check
    Early behavioral problems? Check (Age: 16)
    Failure to accept the responsibility for own actions? Check
    Juvenile Delinquency? Check
    Impulsive? Check

    To those who disagree, thank you. I would like a good debate, goodbye.

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    @hermes he's just needy and attention seeking, and a poor troll on top. He goes for low hanging fruit, and laughs at anyone who takes his bait. I think it's funnier to rain on his parade, by either responding with love, or straight up ignoring.

  • Psychopaths are a supposed to be highly intelligent people who are fully aware of the consequences of their actions, they are charming and manipulative.

    @Sumof1 has shown neither of those skills. He has shown a inability to understand the basic forms of sarcasm, while also whining for getting downvoted.

    He has shown certain traits which do qualify him as a subject for being a psychopath such as lack of empathy or understanding of basic human emotions like love and acceptance.

    He does try to change the topics frequently and gets abusive on a personal level, showing immaturity, as we have seen in his conversations with @US-poet and @TheStrangest .

    He may have lied on certain occasions where he claimed Italian and Russian inheritance and residence in countries like Turkey and Pakistan. If he had seen even a little bit of the diversity he claims, he might not be so narrow minded as he is now.

    He has been offered help multiple times by @sup and @Stranger_Danger and @Cherry-17 . But not only he refuses help but also acts edgy and insulting when someone tries to help him.

    All I would like to say in Mirza is a teenage boy who has a inflated self worth and lack of basic human emotions, may be because his parents could not provide him with enough attention as a baby therefore he seeks attention from strangers with his delinquent and atrocious ways. With certain people in high places backing him to avoid bans, he might actually get the attention he wants and be cured of his mental illness in a couple of months.

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    I agree, i don't think he's a psychopath, just young and dumb. He'll have to grow up sooner or later

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    @hermes Ofc he is a psychopath. But the real question is : How big? Joseph Mengele Big or Hitler Big or what?
    And I guess, the main reason for his such behaviour is that he is actually compensating for his real life, which is non existent in his case. He doesn't have a life, so he thinks that by being popular ( ofc negative popularity) here, he can have a life.
    But honestly, I don't think he even deserves a debate about himself or something. Because Who cares? We only care for the people whom we love. So people, let's just forget the idea that "if we show him love, he might change " because Nobody really cares what he does. And he's not gonna even change, no matter what.

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    @rendezvous "If a man wants love, he should correct his flaws and he may deserve it" -Ayn Rand

    I think he should just be ignored

  • Sumo just has a disease...

    Called trigger syndrome.

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    @sumof1 said in Is sum a psychopath?:

    It’s kinda funny how stupid you guys are, you keep calling me an ‘attention seeker’. And then you go on to make multiple posts about me, makes me wonder if you even know what the definition of an attention seeker is. GGWP. Please, keep going. If you’re wondering how it came to this, Here’s how:
    I join the site.
    I have a civilized argument with people about a touchy subject.
    I get downvoted.
    Why do i get downvoted? [insert reasoning here]
    And here we are.

    I'm gonna ignore you after saying these 2 things.
    1st You're an attention seeker therefore you get attention, you just used the attention you get to try and disprove you being an attentive seeker. That's moronic
    2nd you don't get downvoted for no reason nor for having civilised conversations. Your conversations are not civilised(name calling, cursing...), and sometimes they aren't conversations at all but infact just you trying to anger as many people as you can A.K.A. being a troll just like in the "complete the story with 1 word" topic, so yeah that's why you get downvoted. Your stupid opinions on touchy subjects play a role in that too but not that much

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    In my opinion, the word Psychopath consists of two words: Psycho and Path. Because @SUmof1 has no path, I just call him Psycho : D

  • @kimmy159

    Veni Vidi Visa - I came, I saw and I did a little shopping ~ Kim ~

    This is definitely more original!
    And pretty much more realistic..
    And way funnier than mine!

    good job

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    @kimmy159 I just think the phrase sounds funny. It's supposed to be pronounced Wheny Weedy Wichi

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    @evan-elderson said in Is sum a psychopath?:

    @thestrangest said in Is sum a psychopath?:

    @rendezvous "If a man wants love, he should correct his flaws and he may deserve it" -Ayn Rand

    I think he should just be ignored

    That is a good quote!

    It's from a female philosopher:

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    @lucifer_ totally off topic here but I had to laugh when I saw the text you put as a closure of your texts veni vidi vici, as you can see, I go around with my own adaption 😜
    I agree with your reasoning on this topic though 😜 not to be totally off topic :')

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    @lucifer_ I'm not sure about the "little" fitting in the sentence though 😜

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  • he needs sum milk
    totally not immature

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    10/10 totally agree

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    and here we go again

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