• Later this month, I’m going to propose to my Latin girlfriend. But my main concern is the best design for a wedding ring to give to her. I search for some stores here in the States that offer the best designs but nothing attracts me. I continue by still surfing in the internet, even saw foreign dating events that offer such. I’m also thinking about buying in the country where she’s living currently. Would I choose a simple ring or an elegant-looking one? Please help!

  • @loveissweeter Anyone in here can give me an advice about the best wedding ring design?

  • I think the design of the wedding ring doesn't really matter as long as your intention is real. If she really loves you, any design would do. Just choose the design that match her personality and especially if it fits right to your budget.

  • @loveissweeter it doenst matter if it is elegant or simple as long as your love to each other are true.

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