What is the difference between justice and revenge?

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  • 'Justice' is the concept of applying corrective balance to the aesthetics of sentient interaction.

    Someone does something "bad". Their actions have made the world uglier, imbalanced in an undesirable way. This bad action may have left a hole in you, and while justice will fill this hole, all vengeance will do is make that hole bigger.
    Vengeance will consume you where as justice will complete you.

    They say

    "If you have started your journey to take revenge on your enemy then dig two graves."

    Vengeance is about your ego, its about making yourself feel good for a short amount of time.Justice is different: it seeks to restore balance.

    Ensuring that their bad actions are met with appropriate consequences will reduce the ugliness. I think this is the essence of justice.

  • Don’t Confuse Revenge With Justice: Five Key Differences


    This is a very good article on how justice is completely different from revenge. I read it a few days ago.

  • Gamers

    revenge created justice, justice won't exist without revenge..

  • justice tries to understand the reasons behind the action and punish accordingly while revenge is blind and droven by the wanting to see the wrondoer in the same pain or worse than u were in.

    justice could bring u satisfaction,revenge can never satisfy u.

  • Justice gives you peace,but revenge doesn't.

  • I think eliminating the personal bias is the main difference

  • Justice is for the greater good like it’s what the person deserves it’s justifiable and reasonable by counts of what has been done, revenge is a two way street revenge is personal gain like the person wronged you or did something bad and when you have revenge it’s them at your mercy you have the act of either forgiving or enacting your revenge upon them it kinda goes by a certain quote..

    “Someone who goes looking for blood, will find it”
    -person I forget the name

  • Justice is revenge on a grander scale

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