• Part three.
    21. Your eyes. God I can go on and on about those fucking eyes of yours. I felt like if I stared at them long enough, i might just become a slave to you. Honestly.

    1. Muscles. Yes yes, a bit shallow of me to start talking about your looks. But dayummmmm 😍😍😍. I fucking love em bby.

    2. Cuddles. Ya know. You always know that this is my favorite thing. You always make me excited for snuggles

    3. Dancing. Ooh bby. One of my favorite memories, is when you got up so could teach you to belly dance and twerk. And you actually didnt do that bad.

    4. Drawing skills. I know long time ago you wanted to be an artist. But you dont need a fancy sheet of paper to tell you that you are. You dont need the classes at all. The amount of natural talent you have, it doesnt need a teacher to show you. Because you make the best damn drawings Ive ever seen.

    5. The videos. sigh babes. I love love love loveee your last present to me. I watch them, every chance I get. I wonder, “how did I get so damn lucky” is there anything you cant do?

    6. Determination. Another trait that shows dedication. I know that once you decide you are going to do something, you never let down. I know that no matter what obstacle stands in your way, you are reay to kick its ass

    7. Social. I admire the amount of friends you have. And the number of people who like you, who you dazzle with your wonderous personality. Youre talkative af, and very much a people person

    8. Patience. I know sometimes (okay, alot), I can be annoying. I can be frustrating. But you sit there and you listen. You help me through the worst panic attacks. You listen to err strange problem. You dont yell. You dont tell me to fuck off. You listen. We work things out. Because you have the patience to put up with bullshit.

    9. Our infinity. One thing that made this so hard to trust. Was me thinking we couldnt make it. Online r.ships dont last. Most just do it for fun. But when we talk, I know you are going to stick around. I know that this isnt casual, this is true.

  • I wonder if online relationships hold... Do they?