• @boots22 i am my own person i dont base my life on what others are calling me

  • @s_dawn Mkay good.

  • @boots22 lol dont worry Boots ik who i am and nobody is changin that

  • @s_dawn i might say personality over looks but lets talk real. One glance when your eyes meet with someone and you start a conversation with gesture of your eyes and then you decide to be overwhelmed,its totally looks and you can't fight with it. I have seen if if i see ugliness behind a beautiful face, that person loose all respect. So its looks sometimes and sometimes personality and sometimes both with an equal contribution

  • @s_dawn good. 😊

  • I must say that I agree with what was said above but I want to propose a different point of view on the matter.
    I am only interested in the personality of people. But I use my own look as a tool. Not to be appealing, but the exact opposite. So that only those who share my opinions come to see me.
    Don't get me wrong I dress properly or not to badly. But everything I wear is about "don't care about me".
    I never care about how someone is dressed except when I think that it conveys a message.
    That is my point of view.

  • @S_Dawn

    Tangent ~ I don't get the expression of 'problem with society', I've in most situation have been more concerned with the individual and having to change oneself then to attribute the problem towards society.

  • Gamers

    hmmm yeah, most people dont go any deeper than how you looks, to be simple stay away from those

  • Both simultaneously.

  • @s_dawn looks depends upon the person how he or she think about u... And personality is the way of u r attitude baby

  • @s_dawn follow me have a more fun chat

  • Personality and looks change over time. Personality is usually more consistent. Looks play a big part in attraction.

    In the case of this idiot guy, he has a bad personality by putting judgement on looks based off of incorrect stereotypes. Were YOU attracted to him before you realized what a jerk he was?

    Main point: looks are not always as important as personality.

  • @s_dawn For me both are important but personality is more important.

  • Usually I go with both, but sometimes personality gets me more. Think about it, there are a bunch of people here who I find interesting just because of their personality yet i dont know what they look like.

  • @green-viper Ya that's why I like this site so much.

  • Lovely!! Good Looking Fello!!!

  • People notice you for your looks first ..this is a fact of biology.You cant change that.Initial attraction forms from that.

    But if shes dumber than a sack of bricks or dont have a good personality ,then you're shit outta luck.

    If i cant spend 40 minutes with her,then i definitely cant spend 40 years of my life with her.I'm out.

    Your beauty is not going to increase with look .Most people marry for a good & happy life with their significant other.Looks people can manage with,but a shitty personality is simply unbearable.

    As long as shes not abnormally ugly,abnormally short ,abnormally beautiful then it shouldnt really matter ..most people are not looking for the next Miss Universe to date .Neither are they themselves Mr World .
    They just want a normal person with normal personality.

  • @boots22 But everyone has a preference for something. I mean sure personality should be judged more than looks, but people shouldn’t be criticized just because of that person focusing on looks. I am not into Americans, I rather date someone who’s from anywhere but here, that is an example of looks over personality. Just because a white rather not date someone who’s black does not make them racist. They could have a background where the family doesn’t accept that, but maybe the person him/herself does. Be honest, I’m pretty sure you had a specific thing about girls you would rather want. Yes, looks shouldn’t be completely focused on, but sometimes it can matter depending on that person.