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    So I’ve always had an obsession with brown eyes. I dunno why. They aren’t unique I know...but dayummm they are cute. So that’s typically something I notice right away 😂. And one quality I look for...hmmmmm...they gotta like memes. Otherwise, I’m gonna need a meme buddy, because I got a shit ton. Your turnnnnn drinks capris

  • @willoww If she's dyed. The 2nd would be her self-esteem.

  • @willoww patience and craziness, they're both 1 to me😋

  • Gamers

    i look for lot of things, but the first noticeable thing are her eyes, i like big beautiful eyes ;), then long hair, with the heavy bangs kind of hairstyle, and she should have a very sweet smile too.

  • @willoww An Adam's apple, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice... just kidding, that'd be a scarring experience for both parties. I don't look for anything, unless an Angel descends from heaven and falls into my lap, most likely I'd be friends first before engaging into a relationship with someone, and at that point I'd probably already know too much about said person.

    The quality I look for is how genuine a person is. Similarly, I'm attracted to people who seldom allow people into their hearts, because if and when they do let you into their hearts, that means it's genuine, and probably precious.

  • @bushmurry chuckling intensifies

  • Gamers

    Someone who can laugh about anything, except my bedroom performance

  • @willoww I look for a guy who treats me like a person, not a potential girlfriend.
    And he has to be a real person too, fuck. Not someone fronting about how much money they make or their volunteer stints in Algeria. Someone who admits a fear. Describes a goal. Tells me about a time he felt proud of himself, or ashamed. So basically Be real. Treat me like I'm real. Because that's the path to a real relationship.
    Also TEETH cause I'm pretty sure I have a teeth fetish 😂

  • Music Lovers

    @willoww I look for two things like a great sence of humour and Eye contact, I'm also obsessed with brown, green and blue eyes and I don't mind if he is white, brown or black.

  • If they don’t like puns they ain’t getting any relationship with me

  • @willoww the first two things I look for physically are eyes and smile, I really like brown or green eyes. As far as personality goes I would look for someone with a great sense of humor(luckily I don’t have to look because I already have that someone)

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