• What's more important: Looks or Personality?
    I have realized that since I don't get all dressy when I go out in public, guys don't want anything to do with me.
    So, about a month ago I took the picture below before going to a NF concert with a few friends. While we were there we met a group of guys that were like really cool so everyone exchanged numbers and we all hung out and everything. Well after the concert we all went out to get food because everyone was starving and while waiting for our food all my friends ended up making out with the guy they were with and i was just sittin there like wtf so my friend Kylie asked her guy if he had any friends that would be into me and his exact words were "No none of my friends are into emo girls because they wear too many dark colors and they are creepy" so I said "Well have you ever even taken a chance to get to know an emo girl?" and he said "No they seem like they are all about death and suicide" and I said "Well for your information I'm not creepy and the way I dress shouldn't matter to anyone. Personality is where it's at and I will admit that I don't talk much because I'm shy asf but its also because people like you always say things to drop my mood to 0. So if you wanna say emo girls are creepy at least get to know one first because most of us are actually really fun people." And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you leave a judgemental jerk speechless.
    I have been having more and more experiences like this so the point of my story is this: why do we judge people by looks before we get to know them? Whats more important? Looks? Or personality?

  • Your cute

  • Really depends on the person. I for one think emo girls are attractive and always thought that. Then again i guess everyone has their own type and judge based on looks before anything else.

  • @xavi23 and that among many other things is the problem with society

  • @xavi23 i know.... People really missing out on what could be a good thing. Same with me, when i was skinny and scrawny no girl looked my way but as soon as i started lifting weights and putting on muscle and six pack things changed. Its sad really...

  • good pointt. so idk y but i think that its because the first time when we see a person for the first time we see their appereance and we may or not like them . and then we may think ooh theyre like this like this and they are stupid people and all but we may be wrong cuz we cant judge someone by their appereance . everyone should be open minded tho

  • 💫Personality💫
    Looks goes away with time

  • Definetly personality, honestly tho you don't seem or look "emo" to me. Like why does everybody have to have a fucking label? Like Da fuck is wrong with everyone, why cant we just be human? Like seriously, just cause you act different or have a different skin tone or dress differently or whatever, it doesn't mean you have to have a label, like for Christ's sake people stop labelling everyone! Sorry it pisses me off when people do that, or when someone says that they cant do something because of what they look like or dress like or how short or tall or chunky or skinny they are, like damn people stop it, anyway. For me its about personality, cause everyone is beautiful in their own way. Thats what makes them different from everyone else and very unique! Seriously if we had all the same brain it would cause even more chaos. So that's my opinion. And you like NF? Damn I finally met another NF fan. 😱😱

  • @boots22 lol yeah i like NF and i agree about the label thing i dont normally say im emo but thats what others say i am so i go with it because i fit the stereotype ig

  • @s_dawn Alright, so here’s the thing. When you walk out of your house, you should always make a good appearance and go. But, your personality is also very, very important. No one wants to talk to a very boring or sad person, but if you don’t wear the best clothes, they can also have a bad impression. Therefore, they both are important. I would say 60-40%. 60% personality is important, and then 40% looks/clothing is important.

  • @kat_15 i kinda agree but at the same time i dont like i think you should look nice but i dont think you should have to be dressy cuz thats not my style im more of a hipster tumblr type so im not into being dressy

  • @s_dawn Yeah that’s true

  • @kat_15 that's true! For me I'd say more like 70%-30%. 70% personality and 30% looks.

  • @s_dawn why? You seriously should just be your own person. I got the label of redneck or southerner, but do I take it? Nah Definetly not.

  • I've had a similar problem in principle, Going to school in the past I would look like a extreme conservative and was beyond uptight. Now of days I in some ways look like a trans and during those time periods I dealt with 'judge a book by it's cover' on a daily basis. I do look for looks (looks at himself in the mirror with disgust due too such a bad play on words) but personality is always a must. In my opinion I would think to have a mixture of both as personality does effect your looks and vice-versa. Sorry if this sounded like a roundabout answer to your question.

  • @boots22 i am my own person i dont base my life on what others are calling me

  • @s_dawn Mkay good.

  • @boots22 lol dont worry Boots ik who i am and nobody is changin that

  • @s_dawn i might say personality over looks but lets talk real. One glance when your eyes meet with someone and you start a conversation with gesture of your eyes and then you decide to be overwhelmed,its totally looks and you can't fight with it. I have seen if if i see ugliness behind a beautiful face, that person loose all respect. So its looks sometimes and sometimes personality and sometimes both with an equal contribution