• Why do people find online dating embarrassing? Does finding someone online really affect other people that much? I mean, if you met someone who is really meant for you and compatible to you, does it really even matter where or how you met them? Why can’t people just be supportive when someone finds someone they genuinely love?

    I even met my hubby on this foreign date tour from an international dating social event. Where’s the shame in that? I’m proud to say that even though he was on the other side of the world, I found my soulmate. People could go searching their whole lives and never find theirs. Why judge? Do whatever makes you happy, right?

  • ikr :'(

  • hello nobody heare?

  • With the rise of Gen Z & personal smartphones ,dating apps like Tinder,Eharmony,Zoosk & greater acceptance of casual hang ups online dating is really picking up but yes I agree that a lot of ill feelings about it still exist & will likely exist for a long time.

    For me I think its because of

    1>Social acceptance :

    There's a feeling that you have failed somehow if you don't manage to find a partner in real life .Kind of like a 2nd hand car because you couldn't manage a brand new spanking one .It's seen as inferor ..you didnt find the best ,so you had to settle for the rest .

    2>Security issues due to anonymity :

    "I am a Prince of Nigeria & will like to grace you with a million dollars, absolutely free." if you want to find the largest cluster of deluded liars, check out online dating sites.

    “I love to work out in my spare time”
    ->Has never worked out.

    “I took this picture today ,look at my 6 pack abs.”
    ->Showed up 20 years older, 50kg heavier ,balder and has a beer gut.

    “I'm not married”
    ->“I'm not divorced yet”

    You get the point.Trust is hurt .A 16 yr old girl thinking shes hooking up with same age boy finds out he's a 40 yr old man.This goes mainstream ,perception is hurt .Online dating is further discouraged.

    3.Dick Pics :

    For lot of guys, making contact with a woman online means that it’s time to get their penis out, photograph it and send it to her. Their delusion of limp noodle as The raging Hulk really doesnt appeal to girls.

    & this is something the mainstream people think of as the reality.Girls are only harassed in such dating sites .its filled with vulgar men & good girls shouldn't go into such cancerous hellholes more toxic than Chernobyl.

    4.Time consuming :

    “hi” or “can I ask you a question” and similar stupid shit without getting to the point, and then dicking around asking the same questions is a regular experience on facebook . I can't imagine perspective of being a woman on a dating platform

    There's either tactless "See bobs & vegane" or macho men flexing biceps ,nice guy but in-confident .. buttery smooth guys sliding into DM's are rare.

    Not to mention time consuming. Jesus… you either have to filter through a fuckton of faces or answer a shitload of questions and write a dozen people, only a fraction of whom will respond to you in like a week.

    Go through 100% messages -> discard 98 % ->contact 2 % ->wait for response of 1.5% -> further negotiation, .5% remain ->further investigation reveals .2 % is genuine -> .1% is good men suitable for feminine sexual agression(flirting) ->some vultures snatched them up -> 0% remain

    1000% effort -> 0 % gain.Now drown your sorrow in a tub of ice cream.

    Eventually it's just always like “why am I wasting my time on this stupid shit when I could go out and meet people?”

    If you want to simply flirt then these are good places ...anything serious prepare for a lot of headache.& if you are of the lucky ones You have great luck ..now go & buy a lottery.Maybe you'll win the powerball too ;)

  • @confusewoman32 because they don't believe a person with knowing anything....
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  • @confusewoman32 You don't know if they are lying to you or not they may be a 90 year old perv or a horny 8 year old you NEVER know unless you meet them in person but if you do meet them in person bring someone with you and don't meet them in an alley, bar, or club.

  • @confusewoman32 I didn't realize there was still such a stigma about meeting/dating online. Shame? Embarrassment? Maybe back at the beginning, when internet and online were still new. People often fear what they don't understand, and online was an unknown for a LOT of people. Currently though, I can't think of anyone who'd even bat an eye learning that someone they knew was in some sort of "online relationship." I had thought that those "mocked and misunderstood days" were far behind. There are quite a number of people I knew online, that I met in person offline, and they were awesome people, online as well as off.