The One too Good to Be True

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    When I first came across you I was completely oblivious that I, myself, would be as close to you as I am this minute. Glancing back at my past I do realize that I am not the best at being able to handle, or being able to comprehend very easily. My mind works in multiple, unexplainable ways and it is hard for me to expose myself to anyone whom I do not already know. Looking at this moment right know I realize that just a simple glance at you made my walls come tumbling down. I was so infatuated with your story; So infatuated with how you have overcome so many obstacles just like me. I was so amazed by how you was so honest and trustworthy. You made me see a whole new light within this dim, dark, scary world. You made me stumble back and look upon all of the things I have not noticed before. You have created a new light in my darkness. Realizing you do not know that much about me I am ashamed. I do not show my weakness easily because I have been so broken before. My feelings towards you are growing dramatically and I can not comprehend all of these emotions at once. It is almost like my complex, unexplainable mind is withering away at the thought of me knowing every individual detail about you,and you knowing every crumbling story of mine. I know most of you reading this are going to cring and say that I am just a stupid girl for falling for a guy so quickly. But when I step back and look at the whole situation I see before my eyes, I cannot help but notice that I am becoming vulnerable to you. I am becoming a weak minded fool just imagining myself staying with you. Just imagining myself being able to have your heart to hold dearly. It is almost hard for me to understand the things i went through and how to explain them to your perfect mind. I am extremely terrified that you will come to look at me with new lights as well. A whole new light where you see that I am not the strong independent woman I lead everyone to believe. A light where you see that I am more complex then you could ever be able to understand. Everyone I have told my story has told me I am too difficult to handle with all of my emotional issues. I know I am just a 'stupid teenage girl' but looking at you and your pictures I can not help but be weak. Looking at you and how such an amazing human can be in my life is such an Unexplainable blessing. I can honestly say that I believe that I am becoming too close to you so quickly, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt in my mind that you will be here for me. I know that you will always be here for me through thick and thin. You are just that type of person. You are the type of person that when I am alone I know you will pick me up to my original happy state. So far in the few days I have known you I notice that you have to calm my crazy. Not many people can do that. I just want to say thank you for existing.

    ~please excuse any grammar errors.. First time writing /).(\ ~

  • @abby-83 Wow nice job keep the good work Abby

  • This is really good for a first timer.

    And no its not a dream, just try pinching yourself or @BOOTS22 .

  • love it Abby you should keep on writing!!!

  • Freedom Writers - Writing

    @abby-83 a few spacing issues and an extra period, and I personally wouldn't talk to the audience, but if that's your style, then embrace it. Very well done, and it was extremely clear and I was able to follow every emotion no problem. I know exactly how I should feel at each moment, please keep writing, and posting. You're already awesome, let's see how much amazing progress you'll make.

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    @s_dawn thank you!!!

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    @lucifer_ haha thanks!

  • @abby-83 your welcome love i hope you continue to embrace this gift of yours

  • Freedom Writers - Writing

    @us-poet thank you so much!! And I'll definitely take your advice!

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    @doyknowdaway thank youuu!!

  • Music Lovers

    @Abby-83 Frann, didn't know you could write. This is the first time have read something so long a paragraph😂(except my textbooks ofc). Congrats frann,keep the good spirit up!!!!🍻

  • Freedom Writers - Writing

    @rendezvous thanks frannn but no clowns🙈

  • Awww! I literally have nothing left to say, like at all. That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Thanks Abby! 😭<--- happy tears by the way.

  • Music Lovers

    @abby-83 I hope you don't throw a rat at me for this😂

  • Global Moderator

    @abby-83 very nice. Its written with emotions

  • Abby this is the best thing ever ive seen you do, did better than my lil poem but heh. keep doing this for itll grow yours and Boot's love. I wish you to the best still and keep doin what you love

  • @abby-83 we r always happy to see such thoughtfully organized posts 🙂 keep up the good work. Let's encourage same to everyone. Respect.

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