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    Ladies and gentlemen I'm actually leaving this time, here I'll be posting a lot of interesting things i wrote on TWS for the 7 months i was here from my previous accounts till this one. If you guys wanna get notifications please leave a comment. For anyone asking I'm leaving because this isn't fun anymore and is a waste of time. I want people who want to stay in contact with me to DM me their insta accounts, i know noone cares, I'm really just talking to the nice and smart @Willoww. So yeh bye guys I'll just be posting on this topic from now on until i feel i recapped enough of my past long ass posts

    Here are anti-religious things:


    There is no right religion, all religion is made up bullshit. Now you might ask "what if you're wrong"

    What if i'm wrong? sigh

    This is a shorter way to say "what about pascal's wager". If you don't remember whar pascal's wager is, it basically says

    1.if you don't believe and you are right you lose nothing
    2.if you don't believe and you are wrong then you'll burn in hell forever
    3.if you do believe and you gain a heaven
    4.f you do believe and you are wrong you lose nothing

    Here you can clearly say that believing is better than disbelieving but the 1st error in this argument is that it assumes that a person chooses what they believe which for anyone after a half second of thought is clearly bullshit.

    i didn't chose to be an atheist it happened because i say no sufficient evidence behind the religious claims, if there was evidence i would believe and of course faith is not a reliable pathway to truth since it can lead you to true and wrong conclusions with incredible inaccuracy so using it is useless.

    2nd error in this argument is that it's like "Oh, either non-belief can be correct, there clearly is no other option" and any thinking brain can understand why it is bullshit. You can be wrong about

    (MYTHOLOGY|Corresponding hell like thingy)
    Albanian mythology Ferri
    Aztec mythology Mictlan
    Babylonian mythology Irkalla
    Buddhist mythology Naraka (also Niraya)
    Celtic mythology Annwn, Mag Mell
    Chinese mythology / taoism Diyu 地獄
    Egyptian mythology Aaru, Duat, Neter-khertet, Amenti
    Estonian mythology Toonela
    Fijian mythology see Melanesian mythology
    Finnish mythology Tuonela
    Georgian mythology Kveskneli
    Germanic Hel, Niflheim
    Greek mythology
    Main article: Greek underworld
    Elysium, Asphodel Meadows, Tártaros
    Guanche mythology
    Echeide, Guayota

    Hindu mythology Naraka or Yamaloka, Patala
    Hittite mythology Dankuš daganzipaš (dark earth)
    Hopi mythology Maski
    Hungarian mythology Alvilág
    Inca mythology Uku Pacha
    Inuit mythology Adlivun
    Islamic mythology Jahannam, Naar, Barzakh, Araf
    Jain mythology Naraka, Adho Loka (the lower world)
    Japanese mythology/Shinto Yomi 黄泉, Ne-no-Kuni 根の国, Jigoku 地獄
    Jewish/Hebrew mythology Sheol, Gehenna, Abaddon, Azazel, Tehom, Tophet, Tzoah Rotachat, Dudael
    Korean mythology "Ji-Ok" 지옥 地獄
    Latvian mythology Aizsaule
    Malay mythology Alam Ghaib (The unseen realm)
    Indonesian mythology
    Māori mythology Hawaiki, Rarohenga
    Mapuche mythology Pellumawida, Degin, Wenuleufu, Ngullchenmaiwe
    Maya mythology Metnal, Xibalba
    Melanesian mythology (includes Fijian) Bulu, Burotu, Murimuria, Nabagatai, Tuma
    Norse mythology Gimlé, Hel, Niflhel, Vingólf
    Oromo mythology Ekera
    Persian mythology Duzakh
    Philippine mythology Kasanaan
    Polynesian mythology Avaiki, Bulotu, Iva, Lua-o-Milu, Nga- Atua, Pulotu, Rangi Tuarea, Te Toi-o-nga-Ranga, Uranga-o-Te-Ra
    Pueblo mythology Shipap
    Roman mythology Inferno, Avernus
    Romanian mythology Tărâmul Celălalt
    Slavic mythology Nav, Podsvetie, Peklo, Vyraj
    Sumerian mythology Dilmun, Kur, Irkalla, Hubur
    Turko-Mongol Erlik
    Vodou mythology Guinee
    Wagawaga (New Guinea) mythology Hiyoyoa
    And of course non-of these including your 'Jahannam' are scientifically backed up so the chance of their existence is miniscule and the chance that all of them including yours are wrong is huge so disbelief would safe but even if it wasn't safe a dis-belief can't be wrong even if the thing you don't believe in is true aslong as there is no evidence for the thing you disbelieve in.
    So you have to see that saying "What if you're wrong" is a very very overused useless argument

    Other debatable topics:
    (Will be completed soon)

    And for other random stuff I'll just post, not edit the topic

  • @lucifer_ Eh, he can leave if he wants to, I am not talking to him. He irritates me sooooo much! 😑 so @jynextremist

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    i have wanted to leave since the day

    If the urge to leave overcomes the desire to say just send me a message, i'll get @laura-anderson to kick your ass back in. 😄

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    hmm people leaving this site left and right, guess i will be the only one left in the end 😛

  • @jynextremist someone is gonna be killed.

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    @thestrangest Ill miss you being here dude 😔
    But yeh, Ill message my instagram lol

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    Depending how your TWC viewing is configured you'll see part 1 then 2 or the opposite

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    Sorry but @TalkWithStranger has a stupid character limit so i couldn't paste everything at once

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    @thestrangest hold up

    @thestrangest said in If anything and everything become legal for 24hours what will you do first?:

    Ehhh i feel like writing a whole scenario

    Well the first thing I'd do is get a 15k euro loan from a bank cuz I'm poor as fuck

    The week before:

    1st i wouldn't sleep in the perge day so I'd take advantage of the whole 24h. To do that I'll secretly go down to my local drug dealer and pay him 1.5k euro for the package which he would have received full of my month old orders that would be a good amount of 2 performance inhancing drugs like fenethylline(captagon), a drug that let's you stay awake for multiple days with super strength and anabolic steroids. Also get me some shrooms, lsd, weed, cocaïne, heroine, adrénaline shots, botulinum toxin(most powerful toxin known to man), puffer fish toxin(tetrodotoxin) and plant based toxin like good quality curare and of course antidotes for everything. When the purge is over I'll throw out whatever is left from all of these and say that i originally bought everything in the 24h no laws day
    2nd I'd go buy 8k dollars worth of military grade titanium plates because it is very light and bullet proof.
    3rd I'd find a good safe place to keep my parents and sister, they'd be busy and wanting to stay in our apartment so I'd barricade the windows and door with steel plates, build nail traps and put them infront of every entrance incase anyone somehow gets in, the first thing from they're body to touch the ground gets at least 2 or 3 nails through it. My sister might wanna experiment with some drugs so she would have had her own package that i ordered. Then. I'd also build and put remote controlled gun stands all around the building hidden in bushes and infront of our door and outside the window. The gun stands would of course have integrated live camera footage with 3k worth of small cameras. There'd be about 10 gun stands around the building and 5 around our apartment made from steel i got for free from slums
    4th I'd build about 15 homemade bombs, 10 of which can be exploded individually with 1 remote and the other 5 are for my family and can each be exploded with their own remotes. With my bombs, put one hidden at the door of the house/appartement of the person i wanna kill first, a guy in my sisters school that raped a girl and got away with it. Then I'd place one hidden at the door of the house of a guy in my school who forced a girl to take nudes and showed them to his friends, a last bomb hidden inside of the local gunstore and I'll just keep the rest of the bombs
    5th I'd build an iron man suit from the 8k € worth of titanium. I'd just download an iron man suit template like this one:














    And instead of using cardboard use titanium. I'd also add a titanium backpack to the suit and put the bombs in it. I'd be building this after renting a work shop for 500€ and of course I'll add mechanical support to the Iron Man suit parts to be able to move easily. Then I'd paint it with black 2.0. A bottle of which would only cost 12€ and I'd be buying 3 bottles to cover the whole suit and extra stuff


    Why cover the suit with black 2.0?

    Well black 2.0 is the darkest paint on the market, not the darkest paint but the darkest paint that can be bought. It will almost turn a 3D object into a 2D one by making the curves on it all disappear like this:


    So when i stand infront of any wall with the iron-man suit I'd just look like graffiti done with black paint:


    It would be a great disguise and also an iron man with a back pack full of guns on his back and 2 machine guns in both hands all painted black running at you full speed will surely have you shitting your pants, if you are 1 person, 2, 3 or a whole fucking mafia.


    George Carlins scenario

    "I always hope that no matter how small the original problem is it's gonna grow into bigger and bigger proportions until the whole thing gets completely out of control. Here's an example. Let's say a water main breaks in downtown Los Angeles. Then it floods an electrical substation, knocking out all the traffic lights, and tying up the entire city. And then emergency vehicles can't get through. And at the same time, one of those month-long global warming heatwaves comes along, but there's no air conditioning, there's no water for sanitation, so cholera, smallpox and dysentery break out and thousands of people start dying in the streets. But before they die, parasites eat their brains and they go completely fucking crazy and they storm the hospital. But the hospital can't handle all the casualties, so these people rape all the nurses and set the hospital on fire. And the flames drive them even crazier so they start stabbing social workers and garbage men. And a big wind comes along and the entire city goes up in flames and the people who are still healthy, they get mad at the sick people, and they start crucifying them, nailing them to crosses, trying on their underwear, shit like that. Then everyone smokes crack and PCP and they march on City Hall, where they burn the mayor at the stake, strangle his wife and take turns sodomising the statue of Larry Flint. And at this point, it looks like pretty soon, things are gonna start to get out of control.

    So everyone panics and tries to leave the city at the same time, and they trample each other to death in the streets by the thousands, and wild dogs eat their corpses, and the wild dogs chase the rest of the people down the highway and one by one the dogs pick off the old fucks and the slow people because they're in the fast lane where they don't belong. Get the fuck out of the fast lane if you're an old fuck, if you're a slow fuck. Get over on the right! And then the lucky ones, the lucky people who manage to make it all the way outside of town, they discover when they get there that big sparks from the city have lit the suburbs on fire, and the suburbs burn uncontrollably, and thousands of identical houses have identical fires with identical smoke. Killing all the identical soccer mums with their identical kids named Jason and Jennifer. And now the fire spreads to the farmlands and the farmlands burn intensely at 425 degrees creating millions of baked potatoes. And as the farmlands burn thousands of barns and farmhouses begin to explode from all the hidden methamphetamine labs. And the meth chemicals run downhill into the rivers and streams where wild animals drink the water and get completely geeked on speed. So bears and wolves all hemped up on crack start roaming the countryside looking for people to eat – even though they're not really hungry. And the fire spreads to the forests and the forests burn furiously and hundreds of elves and trolls and fairies come running out of the woods screaming "Bambi is dead! Bambi is dead!" and he is, he is, finally that fucking little cunt Bambi is dead. Dead!

    Now hundreds of regional fires come together into one huge interstate inferno, and all twelve of the western United States are burning out of control – except Utah, where the Mormons don't allow fires. And then the fire spreads across the Great Plains, toasting the wheat, cooking the cattle and producing…hamburgers, actually. Then it leaps to Mississippi and races through the south, blowing up stills and interrupting lynchings and killing millions of inbred people. And then it turns northeast and it heads for Washington, D.C. where George Bush can't decide whether its an emergency or not. Oh it's hard work. He can't decide because Dick Cheney is in prison. So instead he takes a nap. He takes a nap, he puts his empty fucking brainless head down on the little pillow his mother gave him at Christmas time and he takes a fucking nap. So the fire moves to Philadelphia, but it's a weekend and Philadelphia's closed on the weekend. So the fire moves to New York City and the people in New York City tell the fire to GO FUCK ITSELF. GO FUCK ITSELF.

    And it does. So instead it burns down Long Island and Connecticut, killing all the rich white arseholes and completely destroying their evil faggoty golf courses. And while all this is going on, Canada burns to the ground but nobody notices. And now the entire North American continent is on fire, producing a huge thermal updraft and creating an incendiary cyclonic macro-system that forms a hemispheric mega-storm, breaking down the molecular structure of the atmosphere and actually changing the laws of nature. Fire and water combine, burning clouds of flaming rain fall upward. Gamma rays and solar winds ignite the ionosphere creating huge clouds of ionised plasma. Bolts of lightning 20 million miles long begin shooting out of the North Pole and…the sky fills up with green ****. And then suddenly the entire fabric of space time splits in two. A huge crack in the universe opens. And all the dead people from the past begin falling through. Babe Ruth, Groucho Marx, Davy Crockett, Tiny Tim, Porky Pig, Hitler, Janis Joplin, Alan Ludden, my uncle Dave, your uncle Dave, everybody's uncle Dave, an endless stream of dead uncle Dave's falling through the crack.

    And all the dead uncle Dave's gather around the heavenly kitchen table. They light up cigarettes and they begin to talk. They talk about how they never got a break. How their parents didn't love them and their children weren't grateful. They talk about how the government screwed them out of money and they JUST missed out on a big job. They say the Jews own everything and the Blacks get special treatment. And all the hatred and bitterness drips out of these people and forms a big pool of liquid hate. And the pool of liquid hate begins to spin. Round and round it spins, faster and faster. And the faster it spins, the bigger it gets, faster and faster, bigger and bigger, until the whirling pool of hate is bigger than the entire universe and then suddenly it EXPLODES into trillions of tiny stars. And every star has a trillion planets. And every planet has a trillion uncle Dave's. And all the uncle Dave's have good jobs and perfect eyesight and shoes that fit. They have great sex lives and free health care. They understand the internet and their kids think they're cool. And they all love their neighbours. And every week, without fail , uncle Dave wins the lottery. Forever and ever, until the end of time, every single uncle Dave has a winning ticket. And uncle Dave is finally happy." - George Carlin

    Whilst I'd be hoping for George Carlin's scenario to play out I'll just take things into my own hands

    1st thing I'd do at 00:01 AM is take a captagon pill to turn superhuman, inject anabolic steroids and sniff cocaïne then hop into the iron man suit with a bomb, drug fuild backpack on my back and the bomb remote. Go to the gunstore and check if anybody has broken in yet, if the store is empty I'll just detonate the bomb to break in, take some bags from behind the counter, fill them with guns for the gun stands and my family, fill my own backpack with handguns, a sniper, lots of ammunition and put 2 machine guns in my hands. If somebody broke in I'd first approach them nicely to see if they want the guns for self defence or to kill people, if they want them for self defence i will let them take what they need and do the same as if no one broke in but if they are violent i will detonate the bomb which would kill them and leave the guns unharmed and then I'd get my shit. Now that i got everything I'll paint it with black 2.0
    2nd I'd run home, set up the guns on the gun stands and give the guns to my parents, put all 5 bombs around the building in the gun stand cameras line of sight, give the remotes to my family and sister then proceed to have fun outside.
    3rd Now it'd be around 3AM in the morning so I'd go to the rapists house and check if he's all alone. Of course he wouldn't be so I'd detonate the bomb to breake in which forces all of the family to wake up then force the rapist to rape one of his family members then shoot him mid act and proceed to the next thing. Then steal their house's kyes and make them legally sign it as mine
    4th I'd detonate the bomb at the house of the kid in my school so i can break into his house then I'd break both his legs with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu leg locks and take naked pics of him and send it to the girl that was his victim and all her friends. Then steal their house's kyes and make them legally sign it as mine
    5th now that it's 6AM I'd go steal/hijack a private jet and put someone i trust to fly it. Get on it and take some LSD that'll last for like 30 min and just look at the sky
    6th I'd inject some adrenaline to wake up, go around with the plane and find people like @Depressed-Salad who are just killing innocent people

    @depressed-salad said in If anything and everything become legal for 24hours what will you do first?:

    @ragnar kill basically everyone from my school,
    rob a bubble tea stand (THOSE BOBA PEARLS WILL BE MINE)
    and of course get a shit tonne of tech stuff from tech stores.

    Then according to how much they've done proceed to use either guns to shoot them down, botulinum toxin injection to painfully kill them, impale them


    or just a mix of tetrodotoxin and curare to paralyse them but have them still be fully able to feel pain then start to horribly torture them like skinning, rape, slowly cutting off fingers, hands, genitalia and if they are about to pass out inject them with adrenaline to force them to stay awake and continue that until they are dead or even worse leave them horribly disfigured 😀

    Added thingy

    A whole procedure would look like this:

    1st i would get myself puffer fish toxin(tetrodotoxin), plant based toxin like good quality curare, adrenaline and of course antidotes for everything, so i would first inject the person with a mixture of curare and tetrodotoxin which would make them paralysed but still able to feel pain, then i would inject them with adrenaline which would prevent them from passing out throughout the torture, now i would start with the procedure :)... I would start off by slowly skinning them from head to toe before adding acid to the red meat that is exposed to the air, but just a little bit of acid, then just put cotton on the acid once it had stopped melting the flesh, let the cotton dry with the blood, then i would start off by dicing the person's fingers off like a chef cuts a tomato, then i would peel their dick like a banana, then i would take off the cotton which would have dried with the blood, in such a way that it would be very painful to take off, pulling chunks of meat with it, then i would push a glass jar up this person's ass and let it break inside because i then will let them shit out the pieces of glass and rape them with a baseball bat full of razor blades , then i would cut off all their limbs with a rusty knife whole after having broken them multiple times with a hammer, then i would cut off their peeled dick, put them up on a pulp which forces it's way through their rectum through their mouths, then put light them on fire, cut their throat and fuck them in the cut throat with their own cut off peeled penis whilst they are still alive burning to death

    7th now that 10 hours have past of me doing just that and it's around 5PM I'll just get all the dead bodies of the killers i killed and the killer's victims, cut off their skin and make atleast 4 funny hats, decapitate the heads of the killers, put all the 400+ bodies in a meat grinder found somewhere, drain all their blood and take the blood that was already drained, fill up at least 100 gallons worth, find the nearest chemistry lab and use all the iron in their blood to make a long swored, melt off the flesh from the heads i decapitated with hydrochloric acid to only have skulls then head home with the jet.
    8th now that it's around 10PM and I'm home I'll give my parents the funny hats as gifts. Take antidotes to all the drugs i had already taken then zone out after taking drugs again with my friends and my sister whilst listening to Nirvana and $UICIDEBOY$ and watching trippie Hot Sugar music videos hopefully forgetting everything that I'd done because of the amount of drugs i had taken
    And the next day after going to sleep I'll make a throne from all the skulls and put the long sword sticking vertically in a newly bought scheide right behind the throne



    OH RIGHT. I will also make all the killers sign all their houses to me along with the 2 houses that already got signed to me and become a realestate investor and international land owner then use the money i make to first pay off the 15k loan i took at the beginning of this text.

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    Yay i posted the whole thing

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    @thestrangest i think this is enough for this month. Bye y'all

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    @thestrangest logging out in 1 2 3

  • Buddy
    You write some amazing stuff...and its joy to read.
    You will be missed buddy.
    Have a great life.
    Bye bye

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    @talkwithstranger said in Leaving TWS for good:

    What is wring with tws?


    The cancerous, annoying and boring people

    Why are you leaving it?

    Because this website is beginning to feel cancerous and is a waste of time at this point

    We want more active users like you.

    Well I'm not coming back and don't expect me to

    Stay with us.

    Nah, but i would like to know how long I've been here before i leave, 9 months? How long did @AlwaysStranger exist before i made this one?

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    Don't bet on it, you might leave too

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    @sammy thanks

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    I came here to fix an error i made in one of my comments and add more things i wrote whilst i was on here

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    @thestrangest The character limit is on what? tell us exactly , we can change it for you.

  • Bruh! You will be missed!

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    What is wring with tws?

    Why are you leaving it?

    We want more active users like you.

    Stay with us.

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