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    Hello lovely users,

    So we have seen a lot of you are trying to increase your reputation by doing many things but here are some golden suggestions for you to help you.

    1. Start your topics with a full questions or a full statement instead of partial question or partial statements. Avoid short topics and use proper sentences.

    2. Add story to your topic, explain your opinion about it.

    3. Share relevant gif or picture in your topic.

    4. Share a related link or article of something which you found very interesting.

    5. Tag other users who you think will be suitable to answer your question/topic

    6. When making a topic, click on the (?) Icon on top right in editor for tips before making your post.

    7. Add related tags to your topics so that other people can easily find you.

    8. Use engaging titles and headlines that can catch attention.

    9. Share your topics using the (...) Icon on your social media profile with your friends and not just strangers 😊

    10. Last but not least, learn the same steps from seeing what the top posters do by going to http://chatrooms.talkwithstranger.com/users?section=sort-posts

    11. If you are using android or iPhone. Use their built in voice recognition while composing a post to say and then it will write the text automatically for you.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Soul Searchers Music Lovers

    Just incase there is any doubt with what I post here, I promise it has 0 to do with trying to increase reputation or gaining popularity, the 2nd of which is probably obvious.
    I post because of interest. Input, experience, some occasional self entertainment and some boredom, (and I think everyone should be subjected to the music I enjoy as often as possible) I might try to slow it down somewhat though

    Oh and I never use voice recognition on my phone, I don't want it telling Google everything I do (what sort of paranoid freak would I be if I didn't worry about that!)

  • Can i tolk to girl

  • Soul Searchers Music Lovers

    Call mummy

  • Veteran Mods One Woman Army

    Hello lovely users,

    Did you call me lovely 😄 ? AWEE.

  • Hello everyone my Spider in the time

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