Science and God

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    God created everything and Hide those behind science....

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    @jimmy1708 said in Science and God:

    God created everything and forbid those behind science....

    BULLSHIT. There is no god and most scientists are atheist. 93% of astrophysicists, biologists and 60% of all scientists are atheist. There is NO GOOD REASON to believe any god exists. Until you provide a good reason you're just a delusional schizophrenic with an imaginary friend justifying your beliefs with the presence of other delusional schizophrenics around you

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  • We Are Groot!

    @thestrangest and I believe in science too....bcoz science is real and so as God...
    God created this world God created things and hide them behind science....God created science......god created everything.

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    @jimmy1708 said in Science and God:

    @thestrangest Lol....those scientists took everything from Quraan

    Bullshit you uneducated medieval religious ignoramus, there never was any science in the quran and never will be. Adam and Eve? Bullshit we evolved from apes. God created the world in 6 days? Bullshit the world was created in one billionth, billionth, billionth... of a second at the big bang and took 13.5 years to evolve into what we know today. If anything it is clearly unscientific.

    .....They thought initially a year have 10 months, then they saw Islamic calender has 12, then they copied that

    Bullshit. A year isn't a fucking objective unit of measurement. A year could be 4 months, 6 months, 10 months or no months it is what's practical that we use.

    .......Quraan and hadith had told us billion of years ago before the birth of science to do circumcision to every born new male child, and now science is proving that Circumcision reduces the chances of causing penis cancer and Hiv.......

    Where is this research? How can i know you're not making shit up? Circumcision is genital mutilation and scientific research discourages doing it since it reduces sexual pleasure and sometimes causes problems in penis growth. Does it reduce chances of penis cancer? I don't believe so but maybe but so does Masturbation according to scientific research, isn't that "Haram" and i don't know and don't think it reduces Hiv but if it does then it's because having a circumcision makes you less willing to have sex which is bad. You know what does prevent Hiv 100% of the time? Condoms and that's a sin according to the pope and Haram by SOME muslims but not necessarily Islam

    Quraan & hadeeth had told us billion of years ago to eat only properly slaughtered herbivorous animal only by Islamic law

    Which is bullshit

    (slaughtering it by cutting their neck big nerve while alive only, and give them sufficient time so that their body can cool down, then only remove their skin from their meat), not to directly chop off and cut off their head while alive, but now lol science is proving that directly chopped head from animal leaves behind the bad blood in their body and causes cancer if eaten.........

    BULLSHIT. You are making shit up. Not only is this not true but science has proved that the Islamic method is more painful for the animal than the regular method

    Quraan and hadeeth told us billions of years ago before the birth of science to drink water while sitting only Lol,

    Where the fuck does it say that. I call bullshit

    But now science is proving that drinking water while sitting is good for health

    Yeah but the quran doesn't say to only drink water whilst sitting. You found out that science says so then changed your interpretation of the quran

    it allows oxygen of water to be absorbed by every parts of body unlike drinking water in standing.......

    Bullshit. It is better because the water arrives to your stomach harder when you drink standing

    there r many proofs u just need to open the eye

    There are 0 proofs. You are closing your eyes to science since you don't believe in evolution and probably many other scientific discoveries

    our books r much older than ur science......

    And very wrong not to mention it being homophobic, sexist, violent...

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    @jimmy1708 said in Science and God:

    @thestrangest and I believe in science too....bcoz science is real and so as God...

    Bullshit god doesn't exist and you don't believe in science because you don't believe in evolution nor how the big bang and what follows it happened

    God created this world

    Bullshit. There is no proof for that

    God created things and forbid them behind science

    Bullshit. What the fuck does this even mean. God doesn't exist therefore he didn't forbid shit

    God created science

    God doesn't exist and man created science

    ......god created everything.

    Bullshit noone knows what created everything but quantum physicist Lawrence Krauss explains in his book "A universe from nothing" how the world COULD have come from nothing. There is no reason to believe any god created the universe

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    @TheStrangest I didn't read ur whole long shit text lol.....but I read the part of circumcision lol....u r so uneducated lol, circumcision doesn't decreases any sexual feelings/desire lol,but even u can say it increases the sexual feelings/desires bcoz the top of dick(most sensitive part is exposed).....circumcissin means just to remove the upper skin from dick top, not to cut the entire dick does not have any special/major side effect....just search on Google advantages and disadvantages of circumcision's main advantage is that it reduces the chances of causing hiv.......and it's disadvantge is that since upper part of dick have no skin, so top of dick will be exposed......However advantages r far greater than disadvantages And every Sexologist in this world always recommends to do circumcision....and in between, Girls prefers Circumcised Mans more over Uncircumcised Mans XD
    Bruh in the end lol...get some education

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  • We Are Groot!

    @TheStrangest I m out from this whatever u want to do now lol...

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    @TheStrangest u r kind of person who setted their mind towards Athiesm so powerful that even if I someone would break the moon in half then join it together again, u will still not believe, good luck for rest of ur life....bye
    And I don't want to waste my time here to show I proofs lol....bye

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    @jimmy1708 bye

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    @jimmy1708 said in Science and God:

    1st English is not my first language

    Arabic is my first language and i have never been to an English speaking country

    so why should i care about that fucking language??

    Yeh because i hardly understand when you speak

    but I know ur language enough to write it and speak it very properly..


    2nd u r dumbass,idiot

    I have evidence that you're an idiot and therefore have the right to call you one, you don't ; scientific research has found that atheists on average have an IQ 7 points higher than a religious person, as i've said, you are gullible and I'm sceptical. scepticism is not only widely correlated with intelligence and a higher IQ, i don't have to explain why being gullible is stupid do i?

    Bye lol.....


    Stop using "lol" so much

  • Sciene, obviously.
    Religion is bullshit.

  • @megann how will you justify that statement

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    @girlnextdoor said in Science and God:

    @megann how will you justify that statement

    You know the justification. There is no evidence for religious claims and most of them are contradictory to scientific knowledge

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