First Day of 2018... First Ever 'Topic' Post

  • So, yea. Very self explanatory. This is my first post (and yes, I did intentionally wait until January 1st to post it). That being said, Happy New Year to y'all!

    I wanted to try something unique with this, so here's my attempt:

    Obviously, you've now completed the '2017' part of your life.

    🢡 Imagine that you're going to meet the 'past-version' of yourself, specifically from the very beginning of 2017, aka the end of 2016 (in contrast to the version of you know who has ended 2017).

    What would you say? What would you do? What would he/she say to you? etc, etc... y'know..

    How would it all play out?


    ★ I think this is an interesting way to dive deep into exploring how you've changed as a person, how your life has changed, how your dreams/goals have changed, how the people of your life have changed, how your beliefs have changed, how you've developed, what you've accomplished, what you've failed, and if you've expected to become how you are now... the list can go on and on.

    ★ I suppose this may also work as a sort of 'letting out any grudges' against yourself, or working through any regrets you have about the recent past, etc.

    Mention anything you please to.
    Think deep...
    and most importantly, have fun with it!

  • Man thats deep! I changed alot and face lotta challenges which made who i am today. When i meet old version of me 2016-17 i see lotta lessons i get from failures, breakups and downs of life.
    I lerned how to give up on some situations and how to treat others, how to value things or peoples and what to do when i screw up or face any kind of challenges.
    As i start nu year i came to realise whom to care for , and what things/behaviors/peoples/beliefs/and all shits to leave at 2017.
    First day of 2018 and i feel like my knowledge of self shines boldly in the face of the BEAST!

  • @korglife17 I would tell myself to just keep doing what I’m doing because it’s working for me. I didn’t really change much from the beginning of 2017, because I didn’t feel the need to change. I had a pretty good 2017, so I would just tell my old self to keep loving life and living it to the fullest. I was happy at the beginning of 2017 and I’m just as happy starting off 2018. Time to keep this happy train chugging along. Also very good and very deep post, but you never gave us your answers to it???

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    Um excuse me I was not prepared to be in my feelings this morning sir.