How to travel to the past☺it really works

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    It's now 1st Jan 2018 6am in china and still 2017 10pm in UK, sooo if you're in china by 12am der (makin 4pm in UK) and had a flight to UK which is a 7hrs flight😌. You'll be reaching UK by 11pm of 31dec2017😊which makes the time traveling possible😏. Hmu if i got u thinking about this😂.

    Happy NEW YEAR YALL. All i wish you is more success sauce in your lives, more positivity and hope to those who're being fucked my life and have no one to support or console them, more grace and luck to the new here that get worried about nudes😂😂 you can always text me for a clean talk or anything support😊 i love to help others. To those with financial issues, try new stuffs coz you can't get new results with the old stuffs😉 aaaaaaand finally too ALL MY TWISTED CRAZY FOODIES, OTAKUS, GAMERS, MUSIC LOVER, aaaaand TRAVELING and ADVENTURE CRAZY😍 all the Goods of this 2018 is OURS😍😌. ALL THE THINGS WE LOVE WILL BE GIVEN TO EACH ONE OF US IN ABUNDANCE RESPECTIVELY.

    Aligato mina😭🙏🏻


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    @kaneki-kun this..this is genius

  • I know this sounds crazy but still I'm gonna say it... I travel back to the past by being in a place where I usually go while music is on... Music is so old... It has been here before me before everyone... So yeah I only turn it on and feel everything that surrounds you... Lol (travel only... Do not dwell) a not to remember

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