Which is more important? Talent or hard work?.

  • Mhh i think hard work beats talent....what u say

  • Mary has talent
    Bob has no talent

    Mary works less and can achieve what she wants
    Bob needs to work hard to achieve what he wants

    For Mary, work is easy
    For Bob, work is hard

    Mary is happy
    Bob is also happy (how?), since he works hard he can feel satisfied with his hard work

    Mary can achieve more with less effort and feel good about herself
    Bob can achieve the same with more effort and also feel good about himself

    Some people are gifted, some aren't
    When you ask if talent or hard work is more important, I say they're both important
    But when you have talent, things are easier for you

  • Hard work beats talent, btw rag you're already first in reputation, why you so thirsty for rep my guy

  • @aaron-chu said in Which is more important? Talent or hard work?.:

    Hard Work <3

    Dam straight

  • I personally think smart work is better than hard work

  • @jamjam hahahah nothin much bruh just need to educate

  • Both are important. Hard work awards a sense of accomplishment. Talent gives you things easily. For the sake of having to deal with more, Hard work just seems to have more respect. kinda.

  • @kξk luck is probability. you don't take terrible chances when you're trying to publish a book.

  • @kξk not really. All genres of books are frequently bought, there's not too much of a mainstream thing in books. They get you famous and give you money if you make a great book, as many have done in the past.

  • @kξk i'm referencing really good books that took a lot to make. Those books being the ones that you read for literature class. Those have given a lot of fame. anyways, books are irrelevant here I could have used a better example.

  • talent or hard work ?

    take it like that on the other basis.
    Except for the limit of human body everything can become the same.

    Genius permit the synthesis of data with little intell. (by data... well something you want to make or know)
    This data then become knowledge that the brain set to 1.
    Since the data is fixed genius don't need to be used on it anymore.

    Talent is the same. If you train in something hard it can become a talent.
    but i guess if you just use genius to do something you will lack some EXP points. And if you think because your talent is awesome you won't be surpassed, then you lost.

    at the end of the day, destroying obstacles won't help you to improve it will just make you dull.

    so if you got talent, don't forget to work hard too.
    and if you got none, just do it thousand times over to compensate.

  • Well, hard work can beat talent. Along with talent if you have discipline it's a deadly combination. I have seen talented folk ruined there carrier, just because they didn't have dedication and hard work in life. At the other hand, I never considered myself talented, but, I have tenency to do hard work.

  • well for me i'm talented in useless things... it's deadly useless.
    except for useless things , if i create something i remember it forever, and can do it again forever.

    If i want to create a manga, once i create the pieces of characters, i would be able to draw them in a short amount of time... don't need to draw a storyboard i can jump on the real thing dirrectly.

    And i'm good with photography..
    but thing you don't realy need to train like that tend to be boring, and i don't do boring things.

  • Hard Work <3

  • Talent is like a head start and hard work is like the actual grinding done in a video game.

    The one with the head start (talent) had got it a bit more easy but with enough grinding (hard work), it is possible to beat them.

  • Hard work.

  • @kξk
    From my mind, you should try it some day

  • @kξk All bought very frequently if they're good books.

  • @kξk doesn't matter, you still get fame and fortune for making a good book. if you make a bad book in any genre, you get nothing close to what you get if you had talent or put hard work into it.

  • @kξk not luck, they made extremely good stories.

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