What are some things that happen only in India? Incredible India !!! :)

  • Gamers

    1.Two-wheelers only imply two wheels, not two riders.
    2.There can’t be only toilet papers in washrooms. That wouldn’t be cool with anyone.
    3.Trains are trained to transport a massive populace.
    4.Over-dramatic families and friends.
    5.And partly because of these incredible members, Indian weddings are nothing like any other wedding in the Country.
    6.Zebra-crossings are meant for the vehicles to stand as ahead as possible, waiting for the green signal.
    7.Sanskars are a huge part in the life of the quintessential Indian.
    8.In fact, we have an abundance of People of God here.

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  • Banned

    I was really surprised to find out that Indian population https://populationstat.com/india/delhi actually pretty pro-vegan. I read there are nearly 30% there don't eat meat. It means almost 400 million people. It's more than live in the USA.