• Would you rather be in a serious relationship or just flings?

  • @sakshyyy_123 hey relationship

  • Would love to hear the reasoning for your answers as well.

  • @sakshyyy_123 well its depend on what u r looking for and wts ur criteria for relationship ; different ppl have different approach ...
    in flings (which some ppl call as time pass too ) .. uk u guys have no future u are together for sometime (mostly when u feel needy or lonely) it needs less compromises ... while in a serious relationship u need time , had to compromise , u can't leave in btw , u promised for the togetherness and have to fulfill that promise .. u will face more ups and downs in serious relationship but u can quit anytime in fling...
    when i was younger i always thought why ppl choose fling .. they date some for who they don't have feelings for .. personally i prefer a serious relationship with i person i like i can understand i feel the bond ...plus there is no ideal type in serious relationship unlike fling cuz in serious relationship feelings and bond are much more imp than materialistic things..
    i never had been in a relationship but acc to me to have a serious relationship u must understand the other person and their needs and respect choices .. start it with a good friendship and learn about them first .. it will take a lot of time .. but it will help u to learn a lot about relationship...
    but at last i just wanna say that if its seriou or fling every type of relationship depends on both parties ... but in online world u will find 90% flings
    ( i like ur questions a lot :) .. ur questions helped me to explain my views .. i have a lot more to say but idk how to frame it .. )

  • Serious relationship.

    In a nutshell, I'm 43 and haven't the time or energy to fritter away on connections that don't last. A healthy, positive relationship with someone I can grow old with sounds very appealing after what I've been through previously.

  • @Ruth you can just be yourself and speak your heart out.