• If you were offended by someone, would you forgive them knowing you wouldn't ever have to deal with/see them again? Or would you take the best opportunity you could to get revenge?

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    @EyeSmoke well only the ppl who think we are better try to offend us or wanna make us feel low cuz from the bottom of their heart they knew that we are superior than them (acc to them) so out of jealousy they do some lowly act..
    well sweetheart i'm not like them.. they dont exist for me plus i don't read my books backward .. so , honey just move on dont waste ur precious time and attention on them .. cuz they want ur attention .. if u dont give them that desired attention that's ur win .. cuz they don't match our level :).. so , lets start a new chapter of our life but take lesson from previous one

  • @EyeSmoke If I don't have to never see or deal with them again that would be perfect. Losing me from their life would be "revenge" enough - I definitely get the better end of the deal and would enjoy the subsequent peace.

    Of course, it all depends on the level of offence. Somebody who used my favourite mug without asking might upset me but I'd likely still want them in my life and bear them no ill-will. Somebody deliberately going out of the way to harm my reputation/relationships or who set fire to my house would be a different matter.