• So I really really like my girlfriend, however every type I try to talk to her she feels like I'm attacking her (when I'm really not trying to, I just be expressing how I feel and I don't really like doing that).

    She has a type of guy and it's the "hood" dude and she even told me she was trying something new. When we first started dating (2 months ago) she was very caring but now she's seems a bit disappointed. What I mean by that is she tells me things like
    "I'm too nice."

    "I'm too honest"

    "I'm clingy"

    And she tells me that she not an affectionate person (even though she was when she was younger).

    I'm trying my absolute best to work it out because I really fuck with this girl and I don't like people fr. My intuition telling me she cares for me however I don't think she cares for me as her boyfriend.

    A little bit of background, when she was down on her luck I was the only one there for her.

    Because of this I feel like she doesn't like me but feel obligated to date me.