Life update (I've lost count or I think I did this before?)

  • Movie Buff

    June 14th 2023 is the day, I've moved in a major city for first time. Leaving small town and old home is certainly to take in, feeling of relief, mix of Sadness and Optimistic.

    I have no job yet.

    Oh yeah about the film. Bad news is My camcorder is no longer in use because small OLED screen is busted, and the camera itself is fine. I may have to improvise and cut down the filming. Honestly, This film will be incoherent thought out, no meaningful metaphors or any sophisticated ideas. It could be one of the worst movies in perceived memory.
    Still same deadline as before.

    Buzz cut. I do look better with it than having long hair.

    Journaling is something cool.

    Right now, I'm spending my time visit with my young brothers and Enjoying it every moment.
    Getting away from overprotective mother is real breather, I'm sure you will understand a few.

    I don't think ever getting a girlfriend in the future or may never in my life. There is too much confusion and idiotic hatreds are bringing in of "weight upon my shoulders."

    Thanks. Have a good day and good night.

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    Get a life fam.