• Hi I’m angstygirl, looking for ppl to talk about the new Spider-Man across the spider verse movie💫

  • here's one right here!Across the spider verse was insane, definitely my fav spider man movie as of now

  • @devilmoon said in Spider verse fans??:

    Across the spider verse

    do you guys not find it a lil weird when its cartoon spiderman

  • @Peek-A-Boo I won't really call it a 'cartoon' just because it's animated. The animation in fact is among the highlights of these spider verse films and I really love the unique comic book-esque style of animation, it adds a lot to the movie. And frankly even if it was made like one of those cartoons I wouldn't mind watching as long as they give me a beautifully written and executed story with lovable characters and these epic action sequences. And the soundtrack of course, how can we forget that.

  • @Angstygirl yeah i am fan of spiderman i love spiderman