• Situation: I met this girl online and we became really good friends. Honestly, we were a little more than friends, however, never officially stated we were in a relationship. We talked about me visiting her in her city, but it was all talk and nothing ever really happened. We were friends for about a year and a half maybe more? she got a boyfriend and we stopped talking for a few months because i had personal issues and went off the grid. When i came back we talked for a few months and then one day she just said we shouldnt talk anymore because her relationship with her boyfriend is getting serious. (its a long distance relationship like our..he visited her once in her city) so she told me that since they are getting serious we shouldnt be friends anymore because at one point we were kind of a thing and were even sexual with each other. I said all that was in the past and ive been super respectuful of her boyfriend and we can just be friends. she said she doesnt want to lie to him and so we stopped talking.

    I know she has feelings for me and i do for her. we said wed talk again some day. how should i begin the conversation without causing her to thing im putting to much presure and have her stop talking to me permanently???

    what should i do??? text her? leave her alone? wait a few months? (its been 2 motnhs since we stopped talking)

  • Leave her alone . If she is interested she wouldnt have a boyfriend already ... lift up high ur dignity and go .

  • This is a virtual relationship with very real feelings.. am assuming you are quite young. Online relationships are a way to run away from reality ..then become your reality . Ideally, I would want you to stop all contact and concentrate on building yourself and deal with whatever you are running away from. A relationship, especially a romantic one, needs face to face interactions. Just imagine .. the confidence a person has to conduct their business f2f, its beautiful. Next time, you decide to be with some, choose someone close, you are building your skill set to date and maybe marry (if you want). It needs to be in real time.. with jobs ...family just life happening around you. Share a meal ... watch a movie together .. see each others face when you have a very bad flu - its quiet funny, dripping nose and all.

  • @inxane_teen take it from someone who had been in the same situation, just leave her and don't obsess urself with her, if she wants you she'll definitely come back to you. Sometimes you have to be a real man and let things go, to see if they can come back.even if they didn't then be a man and move on..

  • Agreed, dont chase she clearly is unsure and playing games, walk away with the best intentions, even if she makes contact treat it friendly she is in that phase where she wants attention and boyfriends but super unsure, you can go only rise from there.

  • @inxane_teen dw man, you 100% gonna be her rebound sksk

  • LOL thanks for the replies so far. our relationship is not romantic at all. it is purely platonic. i just wouldnt like to lose a great frienship over her having a boyfriend. I am over it. i was just wondering if i should try to make contact one more time or just leave it alone for good. Peek_A_Boom i liked your pov best, thanks.

  • when we ended things it wasnt a "we arent friends anymore" it was more of a "i have a boyfriends and i feel like im cheating on him if i talk to you. so we are friends but we just cant talk anymore." my response was a "uhhhh....we talk about music and memes, but uh okay i guess goodluck if you ever need a friend ill be here" and that was pretty much our last convo.

    everyone online is saying "just leave her alone and move on" while everyone i know personally or anyone who somewhat knew her aswell are saying "just give her space and remain friends. let her figure things out and dont throw away a frienship over some dumbass bf" lmao

  • Yasminthewise lol youre looking at it too deep bro. im not stopping my life over her or anything major. i just wouldnt like to lose all contact with someone i got close with but at the end of the day i wouldnt like to lose her without even trying. if we both give up then was our frienship ever even real??

  • @TM dont want to date her just looking to not lose an important friend lol id be ok with her having a bf id even go to their wedding if she didnt feel like my precense was cheating on him lol

  • @inxane_teen why u not like my pov the best, its the truest, She literally said it herself, If tbey break up you csn talk again, literally making you a rebound, forget that boitch, she wants to end a friendship because she has a new bf she isnt worth pursuing, you should wait till she comes running back then say that ucdont wanna talk to her cus u are interested in someone else or smn heheh

  • @WtfDeckoFalls lol yours was very brief and somewhat sarcastic. id do that to a bitch i didnt care about or to a girl id date/fuck. In this case i just want my friend back. she said we couldnt be friends because she had feeling for me at some point and she wouldnt like to lie to her bf if he asks who i am and if she felt anything. so to avoid that scenario she chose to just cut things off.

  • i guess to an extent i understand her situation. Its either her bf who loves her and shes in a relationship with or one of her bestfriends. id chose my girlfriend over any friend i guess. but at the same time if i talk to her again and shes just an asshole then id definitely cut things off. i wont be chasing her around but i also dont want to just throw everything out like its nothing. i believe every friendship is worth fighting for, but it has to be from both sides. if i see she gav up then yeah fuck her lol

  • @inxane_teen You're playing around . You know It 😉😂

  • @TM sure?