• I'm so depressed that I can't start a conversation.
    I learned that this is one of the reasons of depression.
    So yeah I'm depressed. What do I do now?

  • @radhe33 If you want to talk DM me anytime :))

  • @janet
    Thanks. Tho I'm trying to engage in stuffs which takes my full focus.
    It feels like work is getting done.
    I posted this topic coz it feels good to talk about mental problems sometimes. It feels lighter when I share.

  • @radhe33 said in I'm so depressed:

    It feels lighter when I share.

    This is true. I do hope you find peace with your work :))

  • @radhe33 hi i hope you’re okay, talk to me whenever you want tot. You can vent i’ll always be there to listen

  • @radhe33 Try to pray daily make it a regular habit .. thats my suggestion 🙂

  • Depression will go away on it self most of the time, specially if you don't pour fuel on fire.
    Avoid sad stuff all together no matter how relatable. Try watching positive things. Listening to positive music.

    I got over my depression snuggled in bed sheets watching every season of "Adventure Time" (most positive cartoon I could find). Really helped me a lot..
    And like you said yourself, expressing depression is much better then holding it inside.
    When there is a dark rainy cloud above your head , just open up umbrella and wait for it to pass XD.

    Might be just a phase and if it is , positive outlook is just enough , but if its not , you should look for the core of the problem.

  • @mylifebelongs
    Thanks for advice. And I'm keeping myself busy with stuffs I like to do. Tho still I have depression and I was thinking to leave my job and take a break from everything for a week. But after talking n making fun of my brother felt me good. Dw we just talk n laugh on how he was scared last night when he had to switch off the main switch. Tho I'm committed to my job so I can't back off at least not for few months. So I need to hang in there. But eventually I'll quit. And try new stuffs. Since no one is completely dependent on me or my income. I have time to try out new things instead of sticking with one job and get bored of it. Once again thanks for words u have shared here. 😊