• Hi I'm Adam, I wanted to speak honestly about my situation. I am writing because, I am honestly a little fed up, I am currently 24, Job less, unable to get an ID, I do currently live with my family, but we haven't been able to make any progress. I just want to work.

    Could I ask for help with anything at all? I am from the UK, I have tried selling things, no one sees them or then they do and change their mind. I have set up an art shop on Redbubble (GhostAngelChao) No one has bought anything there either.

    And I get it my current work is pretty shit and uh well it would be, my pc broke down months ago. (It's a cable issue, it got burnt.) All I have at the moment is an old Nokia phone that barely functions at all.

    I just want to have my life back! I want to make my art properly again. I want to be able to buy my own things and help out for once! I want to write my stories. But I won't be able to unless I get a step forward. Please, anything at all, wether it be art, video or money related. Buying something, helping to promote I just need something, or a sign.

  • Cant help you bro. Feels bad. Hope things get better soon