• I have this desperate friend of mine who has been single for quite a long time. He already has everything except the bride. He had been dating bunch of women but none of them took his interest. Then, he heard about this internet bride somewhere and wanted to have one. He doesn’t want to die single, so I’m trying to help him out. Do you know one? What should we do about this?

  • I’m so sorry to say this but your friend has gone insane . An internet bride ? I didn’t even know such a thing existed until now !!!! And even if it did, this is so so so stupid and weird.
    Are you sure your friend had everything?

  • Guys will you please help me to give an advice to my friend about his problem because he doesn't want to be single forever..

  • Your friend has a lot of options whether to go online dating or join a matchmaking tour. I have a buddy who found his wife from a matchmaking tour. I didn't expect that they would lasts this long but I was wrong. They already have 2 kids and been together for almost seven years now.

  • @loveissweeter if your friend is serious about looking for his bride. he starts searching on matchmaking tour or the dating sites. he has a lot of option.

  • @kittypie hi cn we chat?

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