How should we approach you girls here without bring creepy?

  • This question is for the Girls of TWS. What advice and tips would you like to give to the random guys in here so that they can approach you like a gentleman and not in a creepy way? I mean How should we initiate if we come as a complete stranger..?

  • @Nexus_2-0 I second this question! I would like to chat with girls on TWS too, but I don't want them to think that I'm some kind of a creep. Please, ladies of TWS, answer this question 😁

  • I usually am at public chat, so it is more comfortable (to me at least), if you guys try to participate on public chat first and get to know a little of you there. If you go and straight dm to the girl that makes you look creepy, like someone who is just spying for females. XD That's my perception.

  • @DaNii Exactly what I try to do, but some guys are so eager that they make nasty comments, making everyone uncomfortable...So most of them leave.

  • @DaNii Thanks for the tip! I don't straight DM women on this site because it makes me look very invasive 🤐 Public chat is the way to go!

  • @Nexus_2-0
    it's easy: try interacting with girls in topics & public chat before you message them. how else are you going to know if they're even interested in chatting with you, right? :D
    but yeah, straight-up messaging girls with one word sentences is only going to get you ignored. for instance, on TWS, i receive 1-2 messages every day from complete strangers and it's a hard pass every time. you have to put some effort into it if you want to receive replies

  • Uhh... The "Effort". I guess guys are just lazy here. lol

  • @Nexus_2-0 You answered your own question. Approach as a Gentleman. Courtesy, politeness, and manners are always welcome. That goes both ways, ladies. (So says some random guy)

  • @DaNii Well said, DaNii. See? I even got both i's that time!

  • @Nexus_2-0 Be true to yourself. If you're One Of The Good Ones, let that show. If I were approached by ladies the way they often are by (some/lots) of us Gents I'd most likely have my guard up, especially around a new person, and that's rather a shame, since we should be here to chat, make friends, share thoughts and ideas, etc. There's an old saying that can apply here: One cannot defend from one that does not attack. Remember

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  • @Cyberdyne Yeah. That is a huge turnoff for everyone on a Public chat

  • Start talking in the public chat and see if she's friendly to you. No sex talk ever. Be nice, funny and a gentleman. Also don't DM a girl just to say hi, find an interesting topic you can start a conversation with. I personally find smart, polite and funny guys interesting. Also, if you DM her and she doesn't follow the conversation, leave it right there. If you are a nice guy there are plenty of girls that will be willing to chat with you. Be yourself and see how it goes from there! Good luck! :)

  • I'm not a girl but I know it works to engage with her by gently touching her shoulder to see her reaction and saying something nice. Don't over touch her and don't say anything that gives her the impression you've been thinking too hard. Be simple and don't start a conversation by pointing out something negative of any topic.

  • @davitchen The "touch test" may work offline, but the poster was asking about Online. Touch is out, so all anyone can go by are the thoughts, ideas, feelings, and intentions behind their words.

  • @Lazz Yes, to be honest I didn't read the full post, but the rest I've mentioned applies. Thank you for pointing that out, buddy ;)

  • @davitchen Anytime. And I'm like you, with the touch test. It does work. A lot of the time girls reach out first, that's even better, eh?

  • @Lazz Girls rarely reach out to me first and when they do is because they're drunk. But I don't go to bars or hangout a lot at night, that's why.

  • @davitchen hi does tipsy and then sober count