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    I really, really shouldn't have to say this but a few people who will remain unknown (@Lake-Bodom) are spreading lies and rumours about me which is frankly ridiculous and I'm extremely mad. I feel attacked and frankly mortified that they would start spreading lies about me for their own entertainment.
    This community has done nothing but bring me down as a person. All you do is tear me down, insult me, hurt me with your words and do nothing but harm me emotionally physically mentally and I just can’t take it any longer. This is so abusive and toxic it’s crazy. No one even realizes how disgusting all of your behaviors are. Every single time I talk or type or even do anything or interact with anyone in this community everybody just goes against me and gangs up on me like a pack of wolves and just attacks me and i didn’t do anything to deserve these attacks and these hurtful words. I literally just try to be nice to everybody but nobody ever wants to be in my shoes and nobody ever tries to sympathize with me and see where I’m coming from all of you just see me as the enemy and as the bad guy when really I’m just trying to spread positivity. I know all of you hate me and never want to be around me again or never have anything to do with me. it’s clear that you all think I’m a joke and that I’m stupid, idiotic and boring.
    I will admit, my choice of words was extremely poor. I rubbed off as very immature, intentionally pointing out fellow members for my wrong actions when at the end of the day it is me who controls how I portray myself within the community. It is me who controls how I react towards everyone and how I reacted was subjectively not right.
    I think it’s the best taking a break while my mental health recovers from this. Goodbye!!

    I’m just kidding, I thought @TM ‘s goodbye topic/message was poorly done, so here it is.. make use of it next time please~
    Anyways, sorry for wasting your time mwah

  • @fai said in bye-bye talkwithstanger:

    I’m just kidding, I thought @TM ‘s goodbye topic/message was poorly done, so here it is.. make use of it next time please~

    I hear you, and will say I have never understood why so many folk here insist on leaving these epic goodbye posts, other than to give their own egos a rub. A lot of site users don't have a clue who some of these people are, a lot of the ones who do couldn't care much less anyway, and often enough once they've had their fix of attention they come straight back anyway (or don't even leave at all 🤦‍♂️). Of all the online communities I've seen, this is the only one where I've noticed this phenomenon... like, whomever it is if you're going to f**k off, just go already 😂🤷‍♂️

  • @fai Oh BURN!!!! 🤣

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    what a ride 😂went from high to low

  • @fai I liked the Idea tbh lol but what has Lake to do with rumors or anything ??? I didnt even mention him in my goodbye post ... plus It was not a real goodbye message but a TM test to yalllllll 😎


  • @themerovingian "...users who have made their gigantic reputation, with the virtual "business" of tyranny, racism, insult, propaganda, and infamy."
    -you're describing yourself here xD
    Atreyu: another user whose only purpose is to type french insults to everyone who isn't french and then whines like a cat in heat about being mistreated by users he had previously offended.

  • @fai Who said I don't choose my reactions ? 😂 actually u can keep thinking abt me this way it's the best way to be fooled

  • How tf did I miss this? Came looking for Bronze but left with gold 😂😂😂😂

  • @themerovingian You told us ur gay, didnt you? i called you gay, yes, but what of it? didnt you say you were one? xD

  • I thought lily realised of her being shit to people but shit NVM

  • Leave this site!! You mean lobster

  • @themerovingian i didn't.

  • Whay exactly it is ?? Really looks like fucking _______ attention seeker ?? Why can't you come up with something new topic, folks here would be more interested to read or engage with ?? Gow pethatic dear child ??

  • @alaia_ Well said!

  • Banned

    I went through the same thing, and they made me kill them all one by one, a lot of these sons of bitches are on a growing list. The nastiest are obviously the moderators, cleverly chosen from a band of users who have made their gigantic reputation, with the virtual "business" of tyranny, racism, insult, propaganda, and infamy. And they banned me 200 times, just because I was defending myself, to add humiliation to insult. I will fuck them all until the last one.

  • Banned

    and TM was one of them

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • @danii good logic^

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