• I'm lonely and my therapist literally to my face said all my relationships are superficial...I do have friends but I just have no one there when it's a shitty day or when I have exciting news. I tell that all to my hamsters xD

  • @rachel37 I know how it feels... But i dont have any best friends or friends who check up on me.. I lost all of my friends, lost my Love. so i thought buying a cat would make me busy taking care of it and even my cat scratched the shit out of me and ran away from my home... even pets dont like me.. This world is so hard to live on.

  • I’m the most pathetic person in the world. I can’t bring myself to do anything, and then all i do is regret that i didn’t do it when i could and hate myself for it. I have no willpower, if i did i could’ve been unbelievably successful and happy

  • I've been married for 20 years, but have been fantasizing about another man for over a year.

  • @suicide-cat My life is not too bad but it needs some improvement financially 2nd I don't have best communication experience with others not because i or them are bad but it's just abt differences in mindset and depth .. 3rd im searching for my soulmate or my perfect partner which is not easy to find that's all .

  • @alicia-nyambwa Is this man someone u met? whats so special abt him haha i mean a year is alot

  • i was quite shy growing up, but as soon as i found the confidence to be free again, i started to smell different from others and i distanced myself from my friends cause of it, and i think that kinda made things awkward with us as a group, anyways everywhere i go, i get comments or looks from people which make me rlly uncomfortable, i cant even get it checked out at the gp cause no one rlly answers the call ,and its been a year since the smell came. Now all of a sudden our friendship group is divided, cause one of the people from our group started hanging out with others and of the people didn't like them and now he doesn't like someone from the group and they won't tell any of us why even though they said they could tell us the next time the see the person, and there is so much tension between us

  • I used to have a lot of friends with no deep connections but I was okay. At a point in my life, I decided I don't need most of them and then decided to isolate myself. Unfortunately/fortunately, I got used to enjoying my own space or just being on my own. I thought I needed no body. But now I feel so lonely and sad. I act so tough and make everyone believe I'm fine but I'm really not, and it hurts to know that everyone thinks I'm too strong to handle myself.

  • Soul Searchers ~Psycho~

    @algea ok basically I hate life, I wanna die

  • tws gay club but no homo

    @algea My life is very gay

  • Highschool is a bit boring for me..

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